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  1. I can honestly say no. NO post went missing. Nothing stolen as far as we are aware. I was out of work for a short time around this period so I was home but even then , we worked together myself and my daughter so nothing has happened that I have no knowledge of. we are very close. hence my concern in trying to sort this issue. Neither one of us is clued up on any of this. So when you mention these words I have to think what does it mean. Each phone call made to QDR it was announced that this was unknown and not found out until the credit score was checked. The courts also Been informed of this. As calls are recorded. I've asked my daughter to send Dvla the request. Sorry. Missed that post. Will get SAR completed this evening also. thanks Who are OPS?
  2. I'm.going to say ..... No as very unsure. we have had very limited info sent. All the solicitors have sent in last couple of weeks upon request was 'the list of supposed parking ticket numbers - with weird £ balance charges against each one and name of the car park that no longer exists. This was sent in a not so much table format layout ' no other documents attached no times. also that was the only document sent from court to us when we requested the particulars after we found out.
  3. update. finally got the email from the court. It showed our address. which we still had not received originally. We have now gone back to QDR solicitors Stating the 'Notice to Keeper Rule' Discovered this on Money supermarket website. We have had nothing in the post. My partner is helping now as he has been here too and knows there has been nothing received in the post in the last 1.5 years at this property in regards to any of this. The solicitors have been spoken to already (QDR) Who said they would put a 30 day hold on things. Funnily we haven't heard from them. Car park itself is no longer in its location to obtain photos. It has no other parking sites in our local area as I googled it.
  4. No emails as of yet with the Ccj info, So Going to call back tomorrow to chase it up with Courts
  5. I had to request the copy of the Ccj from the courts as you suggested and the payment line closes by a certain time of day. So I've managed to do the request today. This could take can upto 7 days I am being told. So now we will have to wait and see what the details are on this once received @dx100uk
  6. @dx100uk the payment line at the courts. it was only open until 3:30.
  7. missed the payment line today so will have to try again tomorrow. Thanks again for the help.
  8. A number or her and her fellow work friends did over some weekends
  9. The car park was known to us as it was in the city centre amongst a few. This has now been taken over and into a bigger one by another parking space that was next to it so this 'Gs parking ' does not exist here anymore , I googled it for the area to try and get contact numbers as the solicitors have no photos.
  10. No I didn't as I have no I idea that this was something I could do or was supposed to do. I will ask for this. thanks for the help so far.
  11. We have had no mail at all as stated previously. No one has contacted us. We knew nothing about this until she looked up he credit report on money supermarket. THIS is when it all came to light. I myself have contacted The courts to discuss this and chase things up. Hence looking for assistance on places such as this forum. My daughter has always lived at home. The old car was registered to same address we live at currently and she has since then changed vehicles twice. There would be no reason for someone to not be able to contact her/locate her.
  12. Particulars of the claim 1.the claimants claim is for multiple parking charges issued to vehicle when parked at the locations specified in the detailed particulars of claim. 2.the sites are managed by the one parking solution ltd. 3.the defendant is the keeper, or the driver named by the keeper 4.in accordance with sched. 4 of the protection of freedom act 2012, of the vehicle. parking at the site is subject to the parking restrictions and terms and conditions set out on signs at the site, which form part of a contract between the driver or keeper of the vehicle and the claimant. 5.the defendant has breached these terms and conditions and the claimant claims damages and interest accordingly. detailed claim particulars to follow. i will provide the defendant with separate detailed particulars within 14 days after service of the claim form. ( thus document above was sent from the court.) Our address has remained unchanged for many years. So post is it not a problem hence why we have disputed not receiving anything via postal service. hope this is correct in regards to what you are asking.
  13. My daughter discovered on her Credit report a few weeks ago that she had this CCJ. She lives with me so I see her post. She is 24. We until now had no knowledge of this. This 'One Parking Solution ' company represented by QDR Solicitors who seem to have have a bad reputation all round both parking company and Solicitors from what have now begun to find out. I contacted the courts to see what information they could provide me. After contacting them twice they sent the particulars of the case with Solicitors info. The charges amount to over £4000. The firm claims its been since 2018 when a single ticket was issued and then further tickets were issued in 2019. My daughter has not had this vehicle in question for over 2 years now. She has never had any paper tickets issued. We have never received anything in the post in all this time. This car park is also not there now as I have tried to get proof of photos as all we have is an email consisting of ticket numbers and were told by Solicitors if you want proof of photos you need to ask the car park company, this has now been taken over by another company. My daughters name is also spelt incorrectly in regards to the spelling and when I mentioned this to the Solicitors firm they said it would have been confirmed by DVLA. I said well surely DVLA would have the correct details. So we are wondering how to fight this. any help will be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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