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  1. Now I'm getting calls from their Birmingham and Liverpool branches, asking if I want to ask something. NOOOOOOOOOOO I have my adviser for this. These companies, once you are on their list, you can't shake them off.
  2. A few month ago I was referred to Ingeus by JCP/DWP thinking it may help my look for work. Stupidly after previous problems from agencies over the years I said yes. I have been a volunteer radio presenter for 5 years which the JC had no issues with as long as I kept looking for paid work. My original 'coach', who was understanding to this had been replaced by a lady who despite being friendly had bombarded me with texts and annoyingly calls which go past the every 2 weeks she claimed. The days keep changing and although I have requested she not call on Monday or Tuesday mornings due to my radio show, she has completely ignored my request. On top of this, companies she seems to think I may be interested in and have given permission to get my information are also calling me between these awkward times due to my broadcasting. This is being spoilt because I am unable to concentrate on the show. I cannot turn my phone off because I use it for research on the radio show. I am getting the stress I got years back from companies like Learndirect, who got disbanded due to their own problems caused to clients. Apparently if I wanted to work at home for DWP taking complaints (er no) I'd have to travel and lump a huge suitcase of their equipment.home. I am sleeping badly and having to turn my phone off at home just to be able to eat a meal in peace. I am certainly thinking of quitting Ingeus because of these issues. I know others have had problems to from reading closed forums on here. I liken it to be stuck in a circle surrounded by DWP, Ingeus and what ever company calls me next.
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