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  1. ECP is a car parking company , so what else would they be taking me to court for if not for overstaying at a car park with they say had 3 hours free parking. So i'm a bit confused that just will only look at the POC and not the root cause of what brought about the breach of the contract as ECP is claiming.
  2. Really? how did you know that the claim doesn't say i overstayed. Sorry but I'm just curious .
  3. Yes, that was my reason in my first appeal which they rejected. Thanks for your help so far. would you please help me with my defence.
  4. The one by KFC The one by the KFC. I got both from the same car park
  5. Thanks for all your help. I have a photo i took on the date i first saw the notice. but i'm not able to post it on here. I will go and take pictures of the signs again .
  6. There is one close by KFC. Some of the shops around that retail park are Farmfoods , previously PAKS Supermarket, British Heart Foundation. Post code B66 4PH.
  7. Cape Hill in Smethwick. It a small retail park compare to the windmill shopping centre.
  8. Sorry, i dont seem to remember where i last put after my last appeal to ECP. I have emails from them regarding my appeals which they rejected. the funny thing is that i only recognised one of the PCN.
  9. Amount Claimed £353.73 Court Fee £35.00 Solicitor Costs £50.00 Total Amount £438.73 Issue Date 07/05/2021
  10. name of the Claimant :Euro Parking Services Ltd Claimants Solicitors: Gladstones Solicitors Date of issue – 7 May 2021 Date for AOS -12/05/2021 at 13:24:15 Date to submit Defence - 8th of June 2021 What is the claim for – 1.The driver of the vehicle with registration number xxxxxxx ( the' Vehicle' ) parked in breach of the terms of parking stipulated on the signage ( the 'contract' ) at Cape Hill Retail Centre, on 22/11/2019, 02/12/2019 thus incurring the parking charges ( the 'PCN's' ) 2.The PCN's were not paid within 28 days of issue. 3.The Claimant claims the unpaid PCN's from the Defendant as the driver/keeper of the Vehicle. 4.Despite demands being made, the Defendant has failed to settle their outstanding liability. THE CLAIMANT CLAIMS £100 per PCN, £60 per PCN Contractual cost pursuant to the Contract and PCN terms and conditions, together with statutory interest of £33.73 pursuant to s69 of the County Courts Act 1984 at 8.00% per annum, continuing at 0.07 per day.
  11. Sorry, let begin, i received the county court claim I have acknowledge the service. And have SAR ECPS and have sent CPR 31.14 to ECPS solicitor. I emailed the SAR to ECPS and they emailed me this response; 'We have received your request for SAR. Please can you complete the attached form and return also with photo ID to comply with GDPR regulations.' But from this point i dont know what do. Infact i have committed myself from the onset by appealing the PCN and not following it up since December 2019. i thought the lockdown will make them cancel the PCN. i received a letter from their solicitor in February , didnt take any action and then came the county court claim form.
  12. Hi all, I need help with my PCN for more than a year now. i have SAR the Euro car park company and have had a reply by email asking me to complete a form which they haven't included in the email with my ID. How do i go about this? This is all new to me , you see. Your advice would be greatly valuable and appreciated. This is a copy of the email I received from ECPS. 'We have received your request for SAR. Please can you complete the attached form and return also with photo ID to comply with GDPR regulations.' Thanks.
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