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  1. No, mail wasn’t forwarded - this was 3 years after I had left UK, my house had been sold, all accounts closed as far as I knew. Mail was forwarded for first 6 months, not 3 years. who do I ask for the S.87 notice, the court or the creditor?
  2. Sorry! I'm new to this! The card was a Barclaycard, but the debt has been taken over by Lowell Financial. The CCJ was issued in May 2019, 3 years after I had left the country. Not sure what other details you require, but this is pretty much all I know right now. As I say, I don't really have an issue with the debt, I can sort that, but its the CCJ that is having such a detrimental effect, so I'd just like to know if others have had any joy in getting them quashed, and if so, on what grounds.
  3. Hi, thanks for the reply. yes, I know the details from the Registry Trust and my credit file (now I’ve checked it!). Can’t remember when I took the card out, but it was last used end of 2015/ start 2016 ( I moved out of UK March 2016)
  4. Hi everyone, First time poster - just found this great resource! Just looking for a bit of help and advice really. My situation is as follows: I moved from UK to UAE back in 2016. I thought I had cleared everything up before I left, but there's always something to come and bite you. I have an unpaid debt for a credit card, totalling just over £800. In May 2019 the company got a CCJ against me for the unpaid debt. I returned to the UK in June last year, and moved into rented accommodation - nothing was said at the time about a CCJ against me from the rental company. Now. a year later, and I am looking to move from my current accommodation (moving from city to country) and I was told about a week ago that I couldn't rent the house I wanted because of the CCJ. This is the first time I was aware of its presence. In the last year, it hasn't stopped me renting my first house, getting a new credit card, or leasing a new car, and I have never been as much as a day late with my rent. From what I have read so far, I have grounds to ask for the CCJ to be removed in that a) I was out of the country b)never received any sort of notice of this and c) had no chance to enter a defence against the CCJ. I don't dispute the debt, and am able to pay it in full - but if I do so the CCJ will still remain on my file and be seen by other prospective landlords, so I really need to get it removed. Does anyone know if this is possible? Thanks all, Steve
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