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  1. Thank You BankFodder I completly understand what you are saying. When i approached the RISA I had every intention of paying the required fee to gain a clear view if what was required, and was a little disappointed when I only received advice alyhough this probably did save me a substantial sum. The reason for posting this was that I did not want to be in the position you feel I may end up in with my bluff called and a company unwilling to play ball. I will see if I can find another person who is willing to look at the installation and let me know what they feel is
  2. Sorry for the delay in replying I had to carry out childcare with my grandson. No fee was discussed during our conversation. The advice was that from the information I had given him over the phone I had assertained the source of the problem, all a report would do is confirm my own findings. and the associated cost of a report would be an unnessesary expense at this time. He felt that what was required was to give the company a push and suggested the formal "Time is of the essence" letter. and suggested that 14 days to carry out the work was a resonable request after t
  3. Thank you again Bankfodder. RISA Are an inspetion and auditing company they will work for installers and contractors and also property owners. they provide on demand assessments for property owners on window and door installations. They carry out the inspection and complete a report. They will also act as expert witnesses in court cases. Their own speil is, RISA is a UKAS accredited Type A Inspection Body providing independant and impartial inspection services to the UK fenestration and construction industries. we can help you gain a competitive advantage in quality and compli
  4. Thank you BankFodder Draft hopefully attachedtime of the essence draft.odt
  5. An update of sorts! I contacted RISA with the intent of having a report carried out on the installation, having explained the issue, I was advised that at this point there would be no benefit in having the report carried out. the advice given was to write formally making time of the essence. I am in the process of draughting a letter to this end, requestng a breakdown of the remedial work the company intend to carry out and that the work be carried out within 14 working days of recipet of the letter. any further advice on detail of content, brevity of letter or specific wording I should inclu
  6. thank you all advice taken on board. I will update when I have further information.
  7. Hi BankFodder I have looked through the original documents and the only warranty details I can find are. All our installations are covered by a fully comprehensive and transferable insurance backed Ten Year Warranty, which is fully endorsed by the Glass and Glazing Federation of which we are members. A code of ethical practice was prepared by the Glass and Glazing federation with the office of fair trading and our membership ensures the highest standard of product and service are maintained. All our our contract terms and conditions are approved by the Trading Standards Office
  8. Hi BankFodder I'm afraid I did not make myself clear, The insurance on the warranty is only effective if the company ceases. The warranty issued by the installers to the original home owners and transferd to me after payment of £150 is a 10 year warranty commencing when the double glazing was installed in 2015.
  9. Thank you BankFodder I think I should clarify that I did have the Warranty and its covering insurance transferred to my name, so the warranty should now be relevant to me. I will however take your advice regarding the assesment in place as soon as possible.
  10. Hello BankFodder I do have a sales invoice from SEHBAC showing the warranty transfer and fee paid. The warranty is a 10-year warranty provided by the installers at the time of fitting 0n the 27/8/2015, fully endorsed by the Glazing federation. This is underwritten by QA National Warranties. Section one:- agrees to indemnify the policy holder in respect of making good a defect in the insured works where the contractor has ceased trading and is consequently unable to rectify the defects subject to the terms of the written guarantee issued to the policy holder.
  11. Sorry honeybee13 I was not expecting so quick a reply. Thank you also for your assistance with the spacing. you are correct that is the company that I have been dealing with.
  12. Hello We have an issue with our Double glazing I will try and detail the issue we have. We moved into our property in January 2017 and against our solicitor's advice (that double glazing warranties are not worth the paper they are printed on) we transferred what we thought was the warranty into our name. We now know that we only transferred the insurance on that warranty. Toward the end of 2020 we were finding it difficult to keep our living space warm and having checked that the trickle vents and windows were closed properly, we discovered that the wind was comin
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