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  1. Hi. I study marketing at Uni. this was a company who provided digital advertising, I ran a free trial they had on a friends website to understanding different marketing methods. Heres the company terms, https://sharpspring.com/ads/terms-conditions
  2. Hi, thank you for reply. I edited my message because I paid through card not DD. Also, it wasn't that I forgot to cancel, there was nothing in the terms that states how to cancel, and there is no options on my online account to cancel my account. I just didn't access the platform as I thought that it meant I would only be charged if I accessed the platform, but there are also no details on what is considered as accessing the platform. So I don't think that alone is strong enough support?
  3. Thank you for your message. Edit. Sorry, it was through card payment
  4. last year I signed up to a service for a free trial which I never cancelled. I can't see anywhere in the terms which states how to cancel. After the free trial they charged me for 3 months in a row for the service before I noticed. Have asked them to cancel but I don't think they will refund the previous 3 months. The terms state that access is free as long as a minimum is spent on services, if the minimum isn't spent then they will charge the difference to maintain the account and for storage costs, etc. I didn't spend anything on services so understand that they charg
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