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  1. OK thank you i understand. I was andswering Slick13's questions about the deliveries.
  2. So what BF is saying is that I should claim from UPS rather than Parcel2Go, eventhough the shipping transaction is between my Limited company and Parcel2Go? Also can the fact that I paid this courier transaction with a VISA Business Debit card help at all?
  3. That is correct over the last 6 weeks i received 4 out of 5 parcels as on this list: Parcel # 1: received Parcel # 2: received Parcel # 3: received Parcel # 4: received (~30% content missing ) Parcel # 5: not received
  4. Hi BankFodder, Many thanks for the well detailed advice and suggested strategy. I have never had such a courier loss before but now i feel you have provided me with the most accurate advice on how to go about it; it is a time consuming process but as a small business one has to know about these procedures especially when there is so much financial loss involved. I will speak to UPS again this week and see if they are likely to deliver the last missing parcel, but if they dont I will be going through exactly what you have kindly suggested to me and of course will keep you posted of any new developments. I have in fact a second TNT lost parcel case which is about £2k in cost value with another Parcel2Go site (TNTExpress.com) and should they not recover in the next couple of weeks, I will have no choice but to have to go through the very same procedure as per your advice. Many thanks for all the time and effort in assisting me on how to resolve this issue, very much appreciated, thank you .
  5. You re very welcome. No i havent made any formal complaint yet, everytime I manage to speak to them they promise to escalate and get back to me in a few days but they never do. Goods were shipped from France on 16APR21 on a 2-3 days delivery service, that is 6+ weeks ago. Do you know if you should claim from Parcel2Go or TNT? Also can the fact that I paid this courier transaction with a VISA Business Debit card help at all?
  6. Parcel # 4: missing content: 177x software items 177x €6 = €1062 Parcel # 5: 600x software item: 600x €6 = €3600 Yes we have all commercial invoices from our supplier french company, and I was also confirm by Customs & Excise that all boxes were customs cleared on 28 APR.
  7. Hi BankFodder, This is a summary of our 5 boxes. Content of parcels: Computer Security software retail packs Unit cost: €6 Total quantity per box: 600 units The cost value of each box is therefore €3600 1 - 3x Boxes delivered - ok 2 - 1x box delivered damaged with 30% content missing: €1062 3 - 1x box still not delivered. So far we have 1 - A loss of €1062 2 - 1 box worth €3600 unless they deliver it.
  8. Yes should be fine now, we ve had many important emails landing in the spam basket but will be keeping a closer look from now on. Question: Also I'm a bit puzzled because the heading that you used when you first posted indicated that the value of your lost items was £10,000. Answer: When we first posted about the isue we hadnt or hardly received any deliveries only started coming in several days late 1 parcel at a time. We were expecting 5 parcels, we received 4 parcels so far with 1 parcel missing content, and each parcel's content is is worth €3600.
  9. Hi Slick, Apologies never received a notification. Goods we were expecting were computer security software items units cost €6 and 600 units per box, and a total of 5 boxes. The French supplier only prepared and made the goods ready for collection by our UPS which courier we booked on Parcel2Go. So far we ve we have received: 1Z7R788R6837719438 delivered 1Z7R788R6820455021 delivered 1Z7R788R6821498242 delivered (content missing: €1062) 1Z7R788R6827223063 delivered 1Z7R788R6838287457 Not delivered so far 1 shipment is still outstanding and their online updates are all incorrect Screenshot by Gyazo GYAZO.COM I hope that helps but any other question do feel free to ask me. Many thanks
  10. Hi Slick, No it is the courier UPS who is to blame, 5 parcels were due to be delivered within 2 to 3 days but 2 weeks later I only received 2 boxes nomally and 1 box damaged and retaped during transit with half its content missing. I am still constantly trying to get some concret delivery updates from Parcel2Go and UPS but they keep promising to update me on the 2 other deliveries in a few days and this has been going for almost 3 weeks. Many thanks
  11. Thank you for the advice but i wasnt concerned much about consequential loss but rather concerned about the value of the goods in case these shipments were to be lost given that this is turning into a month almost. In terms of T&C, I just accepted the standard Parcel2Go T&C as on their site when shipping goods. I should maybe add that we did a lot of shipping to various EU states in the last few years and have never faced such a chaotic situation since January 2021 with delays and now losses; we also have the same issue with a second shipment to Denmark with TNT this time. Many thanks for any advice should these shipment never turn up.
  12. Hello, Just wondering if any one can advise on a situation where a shipment was expected from France which was due to be delivered 2 to 3 days later has now taken 3 weeks and they are still unable to provide an ETA. I received so far 3 boxes out of 5 but 1 box with half its content missing. In the mean time i am losing my customers and orders are being cancelled by disappointed customers. This was ordered on Parcel2Go UPS Express and paid ny Business Visa card, and Insurance wasn't taken. Any advice in the matter would be greatly appreciated especially that i fear they have lost some goods in the value of £1000+ . Thank you
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