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  1. I am now receiving both letter and phone calls from this organisation trying to pressure me into paying this parking charge. Here is the latest letter. It would be great to get the proof from @nc87on the other thread to help with this situation (invalid) (1).pdf
  2. @nc87 I could really do with a copy of the proof which you have as I'm now receiving phone calls and messages from this organisation trying to push me into paying this parking charge notice. It would be nice to have the proof in order to relax a little or get them off my back.
  3. Thank you very much @FTMDavefor altering me to this. It will be a great help since the signs went up 5 months after my ticket. I will be closely following the thread and look forward to seeing the proof that the OP has
  4. This is great as my ticket was also issued long before May when the signs where not install. I look forward to seeing the proof as they will be of great use to me. I hope then I can get these guys off my back.
  5. I have just read the thread and it seems like we are pretty much at the same point in our cases. I just received another letter from TRACE a few days back which I will upload. It states they are doing all they can before taking further action but to be honest G24 (the client) haven't even sent me proof of the offence even though I requested it a number of times. I can't admit / deny or fight anything ticket I've not received. Anyway, I've just been sitting tight and I'll upload the latest letter soon. I have also found this article in the Stoke Sentinel. It seems like there is quite a problem here as both the local MP and the newspapers are getting involved. https://www.stokesentinel.co.uk/news/stoke-on-trent-news/shoppers-boycott-sports-direct-matalan-5502787
  6. It says they have tried all other methods however G24 who are the client and the debt collectors are aware that I don't have any information or proff regarding this matter. It is a little worrying just to ignore the letter but I really don't have anything in regards to paperwork about the fine at all.
  7. To keep the thread up to date here is the latest letter I received from the debt collection agency regarding this matter. Please see attached a copy of this letter Letter 3.pdf
  8. Since the first letter I received was from the debt collection agency I didn't have the opportunity to pay a reduced penalty, put my case forward or anything like that.
  9. Even though I don't have the PCN I still know the car park in question and the date. I'm just not going to pay a fine that I have no proof of and haven't had my 21 days to appeal. If I am correct the laws says you have 21 days from the receipt of the parking charge not 21 days from when it was issued. Since I didn't receive it I haven't started my 21 days.
  10. Here are the only two written letters I have received regarding this matter. They are both from the debt collection agency but none from G24 and they seem unwilling to communicate even though I've told them that I have not received any proof. Letters.pdf ..
  11. Yes, they have my current address and have had it for almost a month now after I appealed the charge and provided them with a store receipt. However I only admitted owning the car and not that I was the driver otherwise I would have never opened up communication in the first place.
  12. That's is correct. My car was registered at an old address at the time of the violation and has since been updated. Since nobody lives at that address anymore I have no access to it. I only contact the debt collection agency to tell them I was in contact with G24 and they should get updates from them. I believe the car park is joint between Matalan and Sports Direct which they have outsourced to G24s automated service. They have my new address but I have not admitted I was the driver, only that I'm the owner of the car in question and have a receipt proving I was a sports direct customer. I couldn't admit liability anyway as I've seen no evidence of the alleged offence.
  13. Hi all, I have received a letter from a Debt Recovery agency on behalf of G24 limited for an outstanding parking charge which I never received as it went to my old address which I do not have access to. The letter did not include the location, time, duration or any proof of the violation only the date and a request to pay a £160 fine. Through my own efforts I have managed to find out that the fine was from the Sports Direct car park in Longton, Stoke on Trent on 29/12/2020. This car park is free for customers but seems to run on some kind of rebate scheme where you use your receipt to claim back the 60p charge. At the time the weather was very poor due to deep snow so many of the standard markings where coverd, we were also at the height of the pandemic so I was been very careful to avoid any public health hazards especially unkempt surfaces. I was in an out of the store after exchanging goods with a receipt which would have made me exempt from any charges and made parking free. I have contacted G24 directly several times explaining the situation, requesting proof of the offence, for all the missing information that I would need to know if it was actually me or not, with my updated address and with the receipt from Sports Direct to show the driver was a customer. Each time they have responded with an canned response email stating that the time for appeal is over, that they posted the information (old address even though they know this) and that I should pay the fine. So now I am left we the debt recovery agency demanding payment or court action, G24 not providing any proof or meaningful communication and without the right to appeal / pay a reduced fee because I didnt see the original charge within 21 days. As a side note I have been very careful not to personally admit liability in any of my communications especially since I have not received any proof. Any help would be gratefully received. Many thanks
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