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  1. Hi, Good news! Despite everything going quiet for a while, my claim was suddenly paid in full, although late. So that's promising for anyone else in the same situation. Thank you very much for taking the time to look into my claim and for your valuable advice! Kind regards,
  2. Thank you very much for your advice, it's really appreciated as there seems to be little help available in these circumstances. I will do that and let you know the outcome. Kind regards,
  3. Thank you for your reply. I have cut and pasted from the relevant emails; From Hermes 10.3.21 Thank you for getting in touch about your parcel advising us that your customer hasn’t received it yet.I’ve checked the signature obtained as proof of delivery and it shows that the parcel was handed to the customer, so I'm confident that we have delivered your parcel to the correct address.Our system uses GPS to track all couriers and it shows the courier was on your street at the time of delivery. Could I therefore please ask the customer to check with the members of their household, to make sure they haven’t put the parcel somewhere safe.If you need anything in the future, please contact your Hermes Customer Service Team and we’ll be happy to help. Kind Regards, Hermes Customer Operations From Packlink 27.3.21 I would like to sincerely apologise on behalf of Packlink for the circumstances which caused you to submit this claim. We appreciate the financial loss in which you now find yourself and will gladly assist you with your claim.We have all the required documentation to proceed with your claim compensation, this dossier is complete.There are no further actions required on your end.How and when will I receive the compensation? The goods compensation will be paid within 30 days from today, we will send you a separate notification when the payment is confirmed. The postage cost will be refunded today 27-03-2021 via the same payment method used to pay for the label.
  4. My package containing toiletries and with a value of £165.00 was posted on 5 th March. I used a tracked service and paid for full insurance. The tracking showed the parcel was delivered on 8 th March. I was contacted by my buyer on the same day saying no parcel had been received. I contacted Hermes who said they had a signature and GPS showed their driver had been at the location. The buyer refuted this saying they had been out all day and as they live alone no-one else could have signed. I have not seen evidence of a signature. As Hermes said there was no basis for a case I approached Packlink who explained their claims process. I obtained a written declaration of non receipt from the buyer which was submitted to Packlink as evidence of the claim. On 27 th March I received an email from Packlink saying my claim had been successful. The standard delivery charge, excluding the amount paid for insurance was refunded. The claim for the value of the parcel would be remitted within 30 days. I refunded the buyer the £165.00 On the 28 th April I emailed Packlink to say no refund had been received in the 30 day period. On the 30 th April I received an apologetic reply saying this sort of delay had never happened before but it was due to the pandemic and Brexit and that they were working hard to resolve the situation. Further reminders on 5 th May and 7 th May have not yet been replied to. I would very much appreciate some advice as to my best course of action to try and obtain my refund. Thank you!
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