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  1. Good Sister / Andyorch Thank you for the responses. I sold the flat in Rochdale in February this year and moved to Scotland. I have been on my partners Council Tax since then. Didn't think to cancel the Direct Debit as just assumed that after supplying all the necessary information the account would have been closed. However they took the first payment for the 2021/2022 financial year. They have now informed me that they have sent a request to the new owners asking for details. As they have not had a response they have stated they will keep my name on the bill. I did not have the details of the purchaser to pass on to the council at the time.
  2. Hello I have recently relocated and have requested closure of my council tax account. I completed all the necessary forms online to inform of the sale and request closure of account. I have also been added to my partners Council Tax account as I have moved in with him. They took about a month to get back to me saying they will only issue a refund if I provide the name of the new owner. A few months have passed with very slow responses from them. They are unwilling to budge on this matter and restate that unless they get the name from me or my solicitor, they are not closing the account and that I remain "liable". Would anyone know under what grounds they can "run up a debt" in my name even though I have provided all the information I am legally obliged to do? Thanks in advance.
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