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  1. They sent the notice of agreement, but I wanted to see the deeds of assignment as I know they can get them because they buy in bulk. The judge kept asking how I would like to pay. I kept saying No payments, and I do not want to go into any agreement with Cabot. He started to get a bit annoyed especially after I said about the fraudulent letters, the dates and the addresses. I also said I was waiting on evidence to send into the court, but got cut off by him saying, its my court and he rules, then I heard the clerk asking cabots lawyer the cost and she gave over figures, I think it was the cost they are charging to take me to court. The original lender Hitachi 2012 agreement has my old address on it. Cabot got my new address from a credit search and told me how they got it by letter to my new address. It was around £3,600 and now I have a ccj on my credit file for another 6years just when now I am trying to get back on my feet after losing my Job. Cabot should be stopped, they are making big money off of people's misfortune especially when they are doing it also fraudulently by sending letters and kidding on they're from Hitachi. Do you know what happens if you do not pay them after a judge unfairly made his decision
  2. Online discussion with a judge and a lawyer acting for Cabot financial in resulting to the judge not listening to what I asked and making his judgement. the mistakes on each evidence form by cabot was not an issue, the judge said and what's that got to do with the debt. The judge also asking would I like monthly instalments to pay. PAY WHAT! I do not have any agreement with Cabot. Then I asked for the DEEDS ASIGNMENT, and that's when it got messy, also then explaining that the letters sent from HITACHI are not from them ( not signed by anyone, dates and my address do not add up) because HITACHI do not have my new address but sent me a letter to my new address on 2019 to then have sent a letter to my old address on 2021, also after speaking to HITACHI they only have my old address and the last correspondence from them to me was 2017 but the judge was not interested , did not grant me anything and he ruled in their favour, I am going to have to appeal which I do not have any faith in the court system do I now go with the fraudulent letters to the fraud team... .but who do I now contact about this situation. I am not paying Cabot and I don't care what a judge said, if he can't listen to me well I wont listen to him. Any advice would be extremely appreciated
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