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  1. Thanks for everyone's help and luckily thanks to SCS and their good will they cancelled the order and we've ordered another sofa from knowing it will fit with guarantee so if they are any damages it will all be covered. Thanks to everyone for your help.
  2. So we agreed that delivery lead time would be around September we are ok with this and was expecting it. Unfortunately even reading many 5 star reviews lots still complain of quality issues and it does have me worried. I just hope I have some wiggle room and in order cancelling
  3. Unfortunately I have no idea whether it was a standard stock item or an item made to specification with how much I've financed around the 1.8k mark and the fact delivery lead times were around September I would assume it's made to order. I'll have to double check. I'm going in today so I'll let you all know what they say. I'm just worried they'll say I have no terms or grounds to cancel. Thanks
  4. Hello, hopefully I'm posting in the right place but unfortunately I've bought something from SCS and now I'm home I've measured up and I'm 100 percent sure I won't be able to get the sofa to fit into my doorway. After reading a few things online about SCS I'm am regretting massively ordering from SCS I had absolutely no idea that there reputation was so bad. I'm going back into tomorrow to measure up again and see what they'll do for me whether I can find a sofa that will fit or whether they'll cancel my order. my question is what rights will I have if I can't find a sofa that will fit tomorrow? Hopefully I will not even sure if I want a sofa off them now after reading reviews online and what peoples sofas look like when they receive them. I've been told the sofa wouldn't even be delivered until September!!
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