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  1. Thank you for your reply. Many years ago I spotted a mistake in a Lloyds bank agreement, which I pointed out to them, and eventually I received a refund. They also changed their T&Cs as a result. I have recently discovered that this change was for some reason reversed, sometime between 2007 and 2013. In asking friends for copies of other loan agreements, I discovered a number of other lenders making the same mistake. I was just trying to discover which lenders had done what and when. I have used your enhanced Google search facility, as you suggest, but it didn't produce what I was looking for, although I did note from an HSBC thread in 2009 that you were trying to build up your own "library" of loan agreements at that time. I was just trying to tap into that, or a similar resource. My plan was to gather the full facts, then disclose the details of lenders and relevant dates across forums such as yours, so that people could make their own claims, rather than my knowledge being highjacked and turned into another money making machine for claims management companies Sadly, that doesn't look as though it's going to happen
  2. Hi, I’ve identified an issue with the personal loan agreements (ie Terms & Conditions) of a number of banks. It’s based on a technicality, but could be of benefit to a number of borrowers. I have tried to build a “library” of documents, so I can identify which banks made the mistake in which years – for example, I know Lloyds were at fault in 2003 and 2004, they corrected it by 2007, but then the same fault reappeared in a 2013 document. However, I am struggling to get copy documents in any real numbers. Initially, I’m after one copy agreement from each High Street lender for each year going back to 2003 – all personal information redacted, of course – does anyone have any suggestions where I might be able to get this from? Thanks in anticipation
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