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  1. 1st july the warrent was issued, the letter saying they had recieved the cheque was dated 15th aug
  2. Hello everyone again, well on Saturday I received the cheque from the baliffs so it did clear the bank so I have got my money in full I did suspect he may have had away out of paying me so I did a bit of research and I was right (well I think so) if he has public liabilty insurence he can now claim off it, so i expect that was his plan what you think? But he now has a CCJ which wont help him + a bad name in the town if it gets around, i wont be putting it on face book telling everyone what he did, but i will be telling everyone I know not to use him, and i also wont be recommending him on trust a trader.com thats for sure lol. Thanks again everyone for your help
  3. Hi Again, Well good news I received a letter today from the baliffs and he has paid them a cheque for the full ammount, so they just have to have it cleared in the bank and I will be getting it. So once again thanks for all your help in getting to this point. @BankFodder your link above takes me to the link below but I couldnt see anything about "How to cancel a county court warrant? " or did I miss it ?
  4. I did call one of the High Court enforcement companys given to me here earlier and it was them that said there was nothing they can do. so fingers crossed it dont take that long
  5. Hi Again, Well as you know i was given the warrant on the 1st of July, But I had not heard anything so last week I emailed the OxfordWoCSC and they said "We are currently unable to give an accurate time estimate as the bailiffs work to their own schedules and don’t tell us where they will be and when. The warrant was passed to the bailiff on the 19/07/2021 and we would hope to see a first visit within 8 weeks but as I said it depends on their personal backlog and schedule. " I have had no contact with the bailiffs at this time, I would have thought they would have at least let me know its in their hands etc etc but nothing. So its just a case of waiting now unless someone knows differently ? Watching the bailiff program on the TV I often see that the they explain that the client has taken it up to the high court but when I asked they told me until cc has got as far as they can they are unable to take the case on as there can not be two warrants issued at the same time, which seems strange as they seem to be able to on the TV?
  6. Now I really appreciate all the help everyone has given me and I wouldn’t have been where I am now without it, but if someone had given me a template in an order in what I should have done this, instead of just parts of what to do, this wouldn’t have happened. I was advised to send the 3 letters which I did and then take him to court which I did, but at no time did anyone say come back here once you have been given judgement, the online paperwork from the court told me what to do next and high court bailiffs wasn’t an option, if it had said do you want to use the CC baliffs or the High court baliffs I would have come here and asked for your advice, but there wasnt a choice, so forgive me for not being aware what I should have done before doing it as I wasnt to know was I?. You are all doing a great job in in helping me and everyone else who comes here Please keep it up,
  7. Hi All Ok I called that number you gave me and it tells me to call 0344 892 4000 so I did and talked to a lady who said I cant call the baliffs directly and I will need to email them and explain what I want to do, well I have done that and I will await a reply, but as I have already emailed them about my builders telephone number and they have not replied to that I dont hold out much hope of them replying to my latest email, but you never know.
  8. Good Morning all, Sorry I went out yesterday and didnt get back until late so I couldnt reply then, thanks for the number I will give them a call later on and will let you know how I got on
  9. I have not been given any numbers by the CC for me to call the CC baliifs, I was hoping they would have contacted me by now to ask them, how would I find out who the CC baliffs are please? But I did contact two of the HC compaies you gave me and they said they cant get involved untill the CC has got as far as they can, as there can't be two warrents at the same time for the same judgment.
  10. Hi again the only thing I know is that the CC baliff's have been given the job but I havnt heard from them yet, I thought I would have been contacted as its been 21days since they were told to go after him, it would have nice to have been told we are behind and catching up etc, but nothing so far, have you any idea how or if they contact me about whats going on?
  11. Just done that and they said I have to get it stopped at this moment I am awaiting being answered on their MCOL phone line I will let you know how I got on then Hi again they said it cant be stopped so to go ahead with the CC baliff's and then if he doesnt pay take it to the high court.
  12. Just been to the moneyclaim.gov.uk site and there isnt a way of stopping the warrent so I assume it will just go ahead unless they contact me, but I will go ahead and get this upped to the high court and will let you know how I get on thanks again
  13. I am really sorry I just didnt think there was another way my bad . Ok you said If I were you I would identify a particular High Court enforcement service is there more then one to go for?
  14. Ok sry I didnt know there was any other means I assume what the paper work from CC that was the way to go so I will look into it thanks
  15. You asked "What method of enforcement have you used? Are you using county court bailiffs or have you had the matter transferred up to the High Court for enforcement by High Court enforcement officers? Can you remind me – this judgement is for more than £600 – yes? " yes its just over £4000 with costs etc I have asked for the court bailiffs I wasnt aware I can go to the High Court for enforcement by High Court enforcement officers, do I need to change to the High Court enforcement officers then ?
  16. Hi Everyone just an update Well he hasnt paid up so I have now asked for a warrant to get him to pay, I have no idea how long that will take for them to go after him does anyone know please? I am hopeful they will get him to pay but I have a funny feeling he will have a way out of paying as it still seems strange that he said "I am not going to pay take me to court" he must have know he would lose and then would be ordered to pay anyway but lets hope he does pay up once they get involved chasing him.
  17. LOL I should have but to late now the claim has gone in, but the only thing you can add at this stage was interest from when the claim was issued which I did.
  18. The way I found him was I found he had sold a recliner and a settee on facebook marketplace in december and it came up with a post code for that sale when I check that on google maps I found the street then went for drive hoping to see his van but didnt but there was a house was being done up and right outside was a trailer that looked just like the one he used, so when we got home we put the number and street into Zoopla and it was sold in December so I then paid £3 to land reg site for that address and bobs your uncle I found him. heavens knows how we would have done that with out the internet lol Thanks everyone for the help I have been given so far
  19. OK update everyone, I have now been able to request judgment and I also did find out that he did indeed buy a house in December, so I now have another address for him, and also the judgment paper work allows me to send the judgment to that address so I know he will receive it which makes me happy, lets hope he just pays out now.
  20. Hi GodMother the reason you cant find his business registered as Woodhouse builders is because its not registered he is a sole trader, I have just read you have send me something but I havnt read seen that yet, but I do have a lot more emails to go through so i will have to report back once i have located the message thanks
  21. Thanks GodMother that will be great if you can find out anything, I have just spent the last few hours looking and wasnt able to find out anything
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