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  1. I was thinking that he might be getting rid of any assets I might be able to take off him if I win so I thought it might be relevant no ?
  2. @@ GodMother, its a pity your other half cant find it again as I have searched shpock & Gumtree etc but I wasnt able to find it, it would have been good to be able to show he sold a very expensive car when he was aware he was going to be taken to court. @ BankFodder yes I will do that thank you.
  3. Thanks God Mother for that link , did you manage to find the advert for the Bentley you said you saw please?
  4. Thank you, I will report back on how I got on thanks to you all
  5. Just thought of something do I need to send evidence IE photos etc when I send off the court papers? And if so how do I do that as the form doesn't seem to allow that?
  6. Hi all again thanks for that info, so I think I have worked out the figure if someone could check it out please? and also check the pdf attached of the form so far £3700x 0.08 = 296 296/365 = 0.69p Final payment to him 13th Nov 2020. Date of final letter sent to him was 30/04/21 so 14 days = 14/04/21 so the court form will be sent off on the 15/05/21 so the 30/04/21 to 15/05/21 = 166 days x 0.69 = £114.5, is this correct please? I wasnt sure about "step 5, including the daily rate of interest. You need to add this amount of interest to the total claim amount
  7. Ok thank you very much for the help you have been so far, I have just add the particulars of claim to the MCOL form and its now asking (see attached) should I add anything there or not please? Submit Claim - Claim Particulars.pdf
  8. Thank you that looks good and you say am I happy to sign that off as a statement of truth, yes I am is that another letter or part of what you just wrote ?
  9. Sorry Yes he did build the whole extension including the roof but its only the roof we are having issues with.
  10. The £3700 is just to remove the flat roof he installed back to the joists and then correct all the issues, i.e. lift the external and internal walls and insulation to the top of the joists and then reinstall the flat roof to the correct way a warm flat roof should be installed, i.e. ply/Osb boards on top of the joists ( he installed chipboard but quoted Ply) , then a Vapour barrier over it all (missing from my roof), then Insulation topped with more Ply/Osb boards ( he installed chipboard but quoted Ply) then new fibreglass on top.
  11. Thanks for your example I have amended some of it as requested
  12. Thats what I think i need to say, I assume its not then ?
  13. Claim for the cost to correct incorrectly installed warm flat roof 1: Your quote stated to use ply for my roof you used chipboard. 2: The joists have not been connected to each other at the front of the roof. 3: There was no vapour barrier installed as required by Celotex Insulation company installation instructions. 4: The external and internal walls and insulation were not extended to the underside of the roof as required for a warm roof installation.
  14. Hi I sent it on friday 30th April it was dated under my details I removed that from the letter attached, I have started the moneyclaim claim and have a few questions 1: It asks for the defendents name do I name him or the company name on his van and head paper woodhouse builders because as he is not a reg company just a sole trader, so I am not sure ? 2: Then it asks on the next page for "Particulars of Claim" thats what I need help with wording it please Thats as far as I can go ontill I fill in those details
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