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  1. I don't consider that i 'ran away from debt' and if they had mailed to my address linked to that account ie the last address i gave them or the address available on my credit file at the time of escalation to court activity, then i would have received it and been able to defend myself. They chose either deliberately or through negligence to send it to an address that i didn't reside at, they also have my email address, why can't this be a part of the moneyclaim service so i would have been notified. It's scandalous how this system works when its so easy to link a person by council
  2. Thank you for the prompt response. I have several defaults from a time in my life when gambling got the best of me (thank goodness for Gamstop) and I've never given any of these creditors this particular address, they all catch up with me eventually through credit tracing I presume as they normally send a message joyfully letting me know that they have found my new details. I get a lot of letters about these debts and they all normally threaten something and do nothing, it's been that way for years, the last I heard about this particular account the debt was owned by Moorcroft. Aft
  3. Hi, I'm in a bit of a pickle. I have handed notice in on my current rental property and am just going through referencing on another property. As part of that process I contacted my old landlord to mention a reference request coming through and he informed me that I had a few bits of post, I turned up to collect them today and there was a court claim form from Mortimer Clarke Solicitors from April 7th relating to a credit card debt with Cabot/Marbles along with a judgement by default in favour of the claimant dated 28th April. I have not lived
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