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  1. UB67 - I'm certain I'm not entitled to it. I checked and don't fall into any of the categories mentioned, but this is where my initial error lay - I was previously overseas while serving in the military, which has Crown Service exemption from the requirement to be resident in UK (forces overseas also pay UK income tax etc as if resident). When I left the military and moved overseas as a civilian I declared this to HMRC, but didn't think to check entitlement to child benefit which kept rolling in. Thanks Both, but Bankfodder's correct I think. The decision was between taking the
  2. Thanks for the really quick reply. How confident are you of this? In my mind as long as I declare it there's no public interest in prosecuting me, but it is a large amount and the situation has been extant for so long I'm obviously worried.
  3. Hi. I moved overseas to work as an expat in 2010. HMRC are aware of this and I complete self assessment returns every year (I still have UK income from property rental and a military pension). Unfortunately I overlooked the child benefit payments for my only child which I continued to receive. It may sound stupid, and I certainly feel that way, but it didn't occur to me to check until the entry in my bank account changed from a random BGC numbered deposit, to "HMRC Child Benefit". Edited to add: I moved overseas with my family, so my child is with me. I want t
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