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  1. Okk.. Thanks for helping me out.. I was so depressed and scared.. Your answers is great help.. I am relieved now.. Hope fully they won't send police.. And also for last time it wasn't be criminal offence..? Thanks for your time and effort.. Appreciate from bottom of my heart.. Many many thanks and kind regards
  2. It was M&S security but when I was arguing for my stuff back they called other security..
  3. Also they said I am banned from the whole shopping area.. I asked why but no one listened me.. They took my car registration number and said you can't come here for any shops.. I demand explanation but no one listened me..
  4. Some of them cash and some by card.. But I did not take money back. I have credit notes so I can spend it again..
  5. No, through credit notes.. Had from previous returns Is it any problem..?
  6. Thanks soo much dx100uk. Feel very better now. I been told they will report police online.. Didn't understand that.. What will DWF letters..? I really appreciate your time and efforts. Dont have word's to tell how express my feelings
  7. Ver very thanks for your reply.. Couldn't thanks enough This is first time happened in my life.. It was simply accident.. It was too much shopping and my little one was crying and left 1 item unpaid.. The credit notes were from previous returned items.. They said why you using credit notes and I explained I had it from previous return items.. They kept everything, worth £75 shopping and credit notes.. As my main fear is, is count as criminal record..? Will police will involve..? Please please let me know.. I am in extreme depressi
  8. Hi there, today I been stopped by M&S security staff because I forgot to pay for 1 clothing item.. It was in my bags with other clothes, which bought before and forgot to pay. They accused me to use credit note as false returns.. Which is wrong at all. I been doing lots of shopping with them since my daughter born in lockdown.. They kept all clothes which I paid through credit notes and gave me this civil recovery and trespass notice.. My question is, is this count as (criminal record)..? They did not call police but told me that police will
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