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  1. Hi All, Just wondering if someone could help me i received a parking charge notice yesterday and it is from when i pulled onto a curb outside an NCP car park to call my colleague to check the car park was the right location i was pulled over for literally a minute in total. I have received a £100 charge (£60 if paid early) for stopping on a road were a tiny sign that says 'Attention' and then underneath says 'No stopping at all' I will be totally honest i never seen this sign as you can see it is very small and never for a second did i think pulling over to abide by the law and use my mobile was an offence. I appealed yesterday and they have come back with the below.... APPEAL REJECTED - Thank you for your appeal received on 29/04/2021 regarding the above detailed Parking Charge Notice. We have reviewed the case and considered the comments that you have made. This appeal has been considered in conjunction with the evidence stored on our enforcement system. Our records show that your parking charge notice was correctly issued as your vehicle was parked in a way which breaches the Terms and Conditions of Parking. We have decided to reject your appeal for the following reasons: • The photographic evidence shows you was stopped in an area that has to be kept clear at all times. • The signage on site clearly states that there is no stopping at any time. Now I am not blocking anything as you can see and i am not blocking the road so where do i stand here, i can pay the £60 if i have to put i hate putting money into these greedy companies! Thanks all.
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