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  1. yes I did inform them they know my current address I don't have the particulars of claim I do not know any details about the claim is there any way to get copy of the claim can I email the court to ask them to send it to me? I asked Lowell for information about this account but they never send my any details I have sent Lowell SAR 10 days ago I am waiting for their reply
  2. How long do I have to send the set aside form to court? I am filling the form I will send it very soon in question 10 which kind of evidence do I have to send? Thank you
  3. I have only one contract I did not take another one
  4. So you have received a Notice of Judgment for a court claim you never received. .. yes that's correct What date is the judgment ? was 5 Jan 2021 How much is the judgment ? £800 Does the Notice of judgment offer monthly payment or payment forthwith ? monthly payment of 100 f you decided to set a side the judgment would you have a valid defence ? I did not take that contract my defence will be I do not owe that money so you have not moved since you took out the mobile contract? yes I moved
  5. the Mobile company have my current address even Lowell the debt collector have my current address but I did not receive the court claim at all, What I received was the CCJ decision. The debt for mobile contract goes back to 2016 I told the debt collectors about the dispute and they put the account on hold, put they took the account to court before they solve the dispute. What is my option here do I have to start paying them
  6. Hello I have received a court CCJ paper but I did not receive the court claim. I was thinking to send CCA to the debt collectors agency to see if they have any agreement. I don't remember this debt and I disputed it already I informed the debt collectors that I am disputing the account. They replied to me by email before the first lockdown they put the account on hold for more invitations then I never heard from them again till I received the CCJ paper. Is it a good idea to send them CCA The debt is for mobile contact Are they allowed to take disputed on hold account to court Thank you guys
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