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  1. Just an update, finally got them to agree to remove all the ridiculous charges post VT. Thanks for your help, Dx. And for anyone else, keep at it! You'll get there eventually...
  2. My current address is on the SB letter, surely they have to update records based on that?
  3. Ok, I'm going to send the SB letter with my new address. I'll get it in the post today. Lets see what happens. Thanks guys.
  4. If I'm honest, DX I was a bad back then. I left debt all over the place, which I'm not proud of. I genuinely couldnt tell you who I took loans with, whether I paid them.
  5. Or really, dammit. I just dont want to risk anything dodgy appearing on my file. Surely logging is not classed as contact with is it?
  6. Hi, Ive had a random text from Lantern regarding a debt with CFO lending. I've logged into their portal, and the debt is £300. The last payment was apparently May 2017 (which I seriously doubt). I believe CFO is/was a payday lender, and I got into a load of debt with many many payday firms around 2010 - 2012. There is nothing on my credit file relating to CFO or lantern. I've read they are MMF is a new coat and really don't want to risk a credit file issue. I'm pretty sure I paid MMF for several accounts years ago (again, would have been around 2010/12). The address they have on file is an old address, which I left in 2017. Should I ignore it, send them a SB letter or take another approach? (I'm pretty sure I would not have made any payments for over 6 years, but only pretty sure). Thanks
  7. Just an update after a right battle Moneybarn have agreed the VT. Thanks for your guidance dx and others. One last question if I may. I've lost the service book. Is that likely to be chargeable?
  8. Red text? Apologies about the doc posted. Know for the future. I'll get posted today. It is worth sending on email too? They are supposed to be calling me Monday with regards to the options given. Should I just tell them I'm waiting on a SAR request before I make a decision? (If they even call that is).
  9. They rang out of the blue, I was so shocked I picked it up. I actually hadn't sent a SAR request. I'll get that done today.
  10. Actually had a call from MB this morning... There are no arrears on the account. They stated as they have terminated the contract I have three options. Voluntary Surrender ... nope Full settlement ... £4475.32 (Which I dont have) A consent order .. which they will charge £408 for the pleasure of. I asked to VT they said no. I repeated the fact that the termination letter was the first contact I'd had etc etc. I have raised a compliant with MB, they sent me a letter last week saying as 56 days had passed I could contact FOS, should I? Any advice would be great. I cant edit above but there are £71.29 of arrears on the account.
  11. Yes, they are. I've only recently updated it properly though. They actually had my ex-wife's address as they couldn't trace me (I moved several times in a short space of time, they say its because we had a joint account). I guess the default would have been sent there.
  12. Really? Wish I'd got proper advice a couple of years ago. I've paid off £1000's of old debt in the last few years... What should I do about Temple Finance? I was thinking offer them a couple of hundred so they go away.. I don't want to risk another ccj (I've got two that disappear in 18 months). Have I got an route to arguing away the default? My aim/goal is sorting my credit file, all defaults barring TF drop off in 1 - 2.5 years. Obviously I've got MB around my neck, still hoping I can VT that away.
  13. No defaults on EON (£240 left was £1300) From 2016 Default 2016 for 3 Mobile (£150 left, was £700) Both with Lowell. Temple Finance (Perfect Home) for a washing machine. Balance £558 defaulted in 2018. Ive paid nothing on it since 2018 original amount was £660. Sill with OC Virgin - £164 Defaulted in 2018 Was in a pretty bad place 2015 - 2018 which is where defaults/debts are from. Everything else on credit file satisfied/settled or running well. (Just MB as previously discussed, but thats ongoing)
  14. Yes, its free, its a church group. I felt like ive been fighting fires for so long with debts, I went to them to get a handle and rid of it all. . I was blindly paying DX, now ive done so much reading on here I realise that I could have done it better quite some time ago... always find out too late hey. I feel they are working for me, not the DCA's if that makes sense
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