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  1. Just an update. I emailed the complaints team with a copy of the letter and received this today, looks like an automated message but not sure... _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ We take all complaints very seriously and will fully investigate the issues you’ve raised in an attempt to reach an agreeable resolution. What will happen next? Your email has been forwarded to our complaints department and they will send you a letter in the post acknowl
  2. Morning, Hope you had a good BH. Yes, thats correct although I think, due to the age of the car it was 57/58 payments. I did try to find my original contract over the weekend but several moves and a divorce.... I have rewritten the letter as you advised adding the following: "I took two months of COVID relief during the pandemic as I was under the assumption I would be back to work by September/October last year. I did not realise I could have taken more of the gov support. During this time, I made small payments as and when I could. The arr
  3. Hi, I took a two month payment holiday in (I think) June & July last year, my aim was to catch up on arrears during that time, I couldnt but just made smaller payments as I could.
  4. Just realised I wrote 2017, it was 2018. Initial amount was £11,980, there is £6647.20 left. Does this read ok: To Whom it May Concern, I am writing regarding the above account after receiving a Termination of Agreement letter dated 1st April 2021. (This communication was not received by me until the 14th of April). I also dispute the fact that you sent me a Default Notice as stated in your letter dates 1st April. I understand there are arrears on the account, of £600. I would like to offer a payment plan to rectify the arrears and continue to
  5. Looking at the time order info, am I right in thinking that 1. I need form N440 2. Would I only request additional time to clear the arrears i.e 6 weeks 3. I cant seem to find reference to the actual court fees This is a bit nerve wracking! Thanks R
  6. Thanks DX for the quick reply, I have been reading up since posting. Looks like I jumped into bed with some cowboys! They have not issued a default notice and there is not default on my credit file (I used checkmyfile). I'll continue making payments and trying to get hold of them. If/when I do eventually get to speak to them, should I do/ask for anything in particular? Again, thanks very much
  7. Hi, I'm looking for some advice please. I took out a car loan with Moneybarn back in 2017. I am currently 4 months in arrears with them built up over the last 12 months (I was on furlough for a significant portion of the last 12 months). On the 14th of April, I received two letters from them on the same day one dates the 1st April was a Termination notice the 2nd (8th April) was regarding recovery agents. I immediately tried to contact them to discuss the letters and my account, Ive been trying for three weeks now without being able to speak to anyone in their custome
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