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  1. Hi Guys, Sorry for a late update but have been away the last few days. The dealer has paid me back for a brand new battery. Had it fitted and the start/stop now works like brand new. This is a win for me, I am very grateful for all of your support and most importantly your time, especially @BankFodder who was out here writing essays with very useful information. I've learned a thing or two. Thank you!
  2. I received the following reply from the dealer: Is the dealer able to choose a replacement battery of his choice rather then agreeing to pay the dealership prices? I am aware of the fact that main dealerships charge twice the amount for practically the same thing, I'm not sure if the Bosch battery which the dealer is talking about is any worse then the official jaguar battery but obviously I would have a peace of mind if an original battery was fitted. If I was to decline his offer and pursue him paying for a battery directly from jaguar then he would have a
  3. The dealer replied yesterday in a much more formal manner when I quoted that I am covered by the consumer rights act and the repair is within my rights. He said that he looked at the vehicle health check from Jaguar and advised that they are willing to make a one-off payment of £147 towards the new battery if this fixes the Start/Stop system in line with with Jaguars recommendations, he also mentioned that if this does not fix the problem I am welcome to bring the car back for a full refund. I advised that the price of £146 which is on the health check only quoted the p
  4. The finance agreement is secured against the car, its a Hire Purchase agreement. I just sent the dealer a message with the next steps that Intend to take and asked if he is willing to cooperate and cover the cost of the replacement battery if that turns out to be the cause of the start/stop system not working, I also let him know that if he wishes to carry out his own testing I am more then happy to allow this to happen providing that he covers the transport costs along with any costs to rectify the fault. I asked him for his comments on the above. I am not sure about
  5. Thank you very much for your detailed response. I think you could not have made my options any clearer so thank you for your time. I am keeping a paper trail since the beginning as I know if will be beneficial if the dealer does not cooperate. I also informed him about all faults found and the steps I intend to take like taking the car for the battery testing. I am honestly trying to be nice and only asking for the battery to be replaced if it actually turns out to be faulty. At no point did the dealer give me the option to take the car back to them to have a look at the fault.
  6. My bad, of course not trying to protect them. Dealer name is Cambridgeshire Motor House in Peterborough, over 100miles from where I live (London). What do you suggest that my next steps should be? The dealer keeps telling me that there is no fault with the start/stop and that it will eventually kick in when the right conditions are met, its’s like he is just trying to buy time, even though I have a health check from Jaguar clearly stating that it does not work following their test drive.
  7. Thanks for the recommendation, I will look into it. I am also nearly positive that the battery will need to be replaced, I just don’t want to pay out of my own pocket as I bought a car where all functions should be working as advertised. The dealer did not want to drop the price of the car even by a penny therefore I do not expect to be buying parts for it a week into ownership. Bottle sensor sill be sorted by the external warranty that came with the car so not worried about that.
  8. Thanks for the reply. The reason why I am willing to pay for the battery testing and charging is that it’s more cost effective for me to do this at my local Jaguar dealership, and will leave me with an official document stating if the battery needs to be replaced rather than travelling 2 hours one way to the dealer where I bought the car from for them to do their ‘tests’ and then try to tell me that ‘they’re sure the start/stop system works’ like they’ve been doing for the last week. If it turns out that the battery needs to be replaced I will simply ask for the dealer to
  9. Hi everyone, first time posting Long story short, a week ago I bought a used 2016 Jaguar XF for nearly £14k from a dealer with a 3 month external warranty, 3 days later I notice 2 issues: 1. Washer fluid low warning is on even though the washer fluid tank is full, most likely the washer fluid sensor needs to be replaced. This will be covered under the external warranty. 2. Start/Stop system doesn’t work. Took the car to an official jaguar dealership where they confirmed it doesn’t work and I have it in writing, they want to carry out a battery test and mos
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