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  1. Well not that truth-worthy as he lied to me about having his own Insurance. I still have been unable to contact him so all I have is the initial accounts from him. I really just wanted a second opinion as I know nothing about cars and I just thought it was a bit excesses.
  2. I wasn’t the one that was driving but at the time of the incident the driver (driving my car) said that it was just the bumper that was damaged. He sent me photo of both cars. I requested for all my data and they sent me some details of the claim Initially it says ‘Circumstances - PH vehicle has served across the path of TP vehicle and hit them.’ ‘TPV Damage - wheel arch drivers side has been dislodged and touches wheel, front wing mirror pushed in, headlight drivers side broken, front bumper damaged.’ ‘Uninsured drivers VOE - UD came out of the tunnel & was indicating to move into the left lane. TP was behind the PHV & didn’t see PHV before they hit PHV in the rear.’ ‘TPI outlay received Repairs £4004.69 Front driver side bumper Grille wing bonnet and lights damaged Full est and images on file Matches head on collision with our uninsured driver. Outlay Paid’ My concern is that the TP has charged for works not related to the accident and my insurance has just paid out as they will be recovering the full amount from me. I asked the why was the right-wing mirror, the wheelhouse trim, washer jets, front outer door handle, outer door channel moulding, and bumper griddle replaced? When I look at the location of where the damage occurred and also the photos of mine and the Ford Focus it doesn’t seem right to me. It says it was a head on collision but the wing mirror is on the side of the car. Even still how can the wing mirror get damaged! Also, they have a charge to repair the front bumper but it was replaced! And then there charges on the invoice listed under ‘EXTRAS’ for corrosion protection, Covid 19, alloy wheel refurb, Door foil, Car care kit, E.P.A charge, Diagnostic reset, Tech data + methods, and Sundry services. Should these have been charged? This is all what I asked my insurance company to answer. it looks like they didn’t even inspect the TP vehicle themselves. They just accept the first invoice and price to close the claim quickly. 34070459-64FC-423C-8445-374D1E1451FE.pdf
  3. This is why I was questioning them about it. The claims investigator told me it’s a couple hundred damage and he even wrote in one email to them ‘I have damage photos which are minor from this RTC.’ I see if I have attach more information
  4. The damage to the third parties car was scratches to the right hand side of the front bumper. The car was a Ford Focus ST-3 2013. They paid out: Property Damage: £4004.69 Credit Hire: £740.77 Investigation Fee: £230.00 i put a complaint through to the ombudsman and I also sent in a subject access request for all my data but I have not heard anything yet
  5. Hi wonder if I can get some advice. My previous car insurance company recently settled a third party Claim made against me. I have very serious concerns that the third party exaggerated the repairs/replacement that was needed on their vehicle and the insurance company just paid and expect to recover all the costs from me (there is an all section £3000 excess on my claim and I’m at fault for loaning my car out). However I’m not saying I shouldn’t be paying anything it’s just the amount I’m Querying. The insurance Company sent me the invoice from the third-party saying it was their report, but there was no report it was just a price list. I asked for the report from their engineer who verified the works and I was ignored. They then told me that my complaint wasn’t upheld and that if I am dissatisfied I can complain to the financial ombudsman. Is there any way that I can get all the details reports information from this claim?
  6. I received a penalty charge notice in the post for 34 being in a bus lane in St Marks Rise E8. At first I was very confused as there has never been a bus lane there. I remember stopping at the bus stop to drop off my disabled passenger and had stopped for about 2 mins. I had also picked her up a few hours earlier at the same bus stop but I’ve only received 1 ticket so far. I looked on goggle maps it’s say it is actually a bus stop. After some goggling I saw there are some bus stops are restricted which I never knew. I just thought it was only the ones in the bus lane. I looked on google maps again and there is sign that say ‘No stopping at anytime expect buses’ but there is no way for drivers to see that sign. That evening it was getting dark and raining. The sign is obstructed by the bus shelter. I don’t think is fair and thinking about appeal it. Need some advise thanks
  7. Ok I’ll go back and take my own photos. From what I remember there are no signs at the entrance. It’s a new development of flats/houses. They only have these signs dotted around
  8. I can’t seem find the planning permission. I may not be looking properly. these are the pic they took of the sign Royal wharf signs.pdf
  9. 1 Date of the infringement - 28/10/2020 2 Date on the NTK - 04/11/2020 3 Date received - sorry I can’t remember 4 Does the NTK mention schedule 4 of The Protections of Freedoms Act 2012? - Y 5 Is there any photographic evidence of the event? - Y 6 Have you appealed? - Yes I did appeal but I can’t find my actual response as I don’t it straight from the website and didn’t save it Have you had a response? - yes I’ve attached it 7 Who is the parking company? - Parking control management (UK) limited 8. Where exactly - Royal Wharf E16 For either option, does it say which appeals body they operate under. - cant see that Hi I hope I’ve done it right you can see all attached. Parking Control Management (UK) Ltd.pdf I understand now that I can not use a blue badge and park on private land. I definitely won’t be doing that again. I just want to sort out this mess. I’ve never had a parking fine go this far before I’ve always just paid it or I’ve appealed and won. The company that took my money really mess me over and has just left me in the lurch. We I’ve emailed him for advice he barely responds just tell me to follow directions. now sorry do I take the mediation? Also can pay the £260 and I’m worried it will get worse
  10. Name of the Claimant : Parking control management (UK) limited Claimants Solicitors: Gladstone Solicitor limited Date of issue – 09 April 2021 Date for AOS - I never done this What is the claim for - 1. The driver of the vehicle with registration ###### (the vehicle) parked in breached of the terms of parking stipulated on the signage (the ‘Contract’) at Royal Wharf - E16, on 28/10/2020 thus incurring the parking charge (the PCN). 2. The PCN was not paid within 28 days of issue. 3.The claimant claims the unpaid PCN from the defendant as the driver/keeper of the vehicle. 4.Despite demands being made, the defendant has failed to settle their outstanding liability. THE CLAIMANT CLAIMS £100 for the PCN, £60 contractual costs pursuant to the Contract and PCN terms and conditions, together with statutory interest of £4.60 pursuant to s69 or the county courts act 1984 at 8.00% per annum, continuing at £0.04 per day. Amount Claimed - £164.60 court fees - £25.00 legal rep fees -£50.00 Total Amount - £239.60 useless defence.pdf
  11. On the 28th October I parked my car at my sisters residence in E16. I was with my disabled partner with whom I am a carer for and we used his blue badge to park on the double yellow line. My partner has mobility problems but also suffers from incontinence and every now and again has accidents. This is what happened on that day and my sister house was the nearest place I could get him cleaned up. as their was no parking bay spaces free we left the car on a double yellow line with the badge displayed. I make sure it was parked where not to cause any inconvenience to other car users. We arrive at 5.30pm and I selected the correct time stamp and displayed it in the window. Once we got upstairs within 5mins we notice a parking attendant photographing our car. We tried to talk with him through the window as we were confused as to why he was issuing us a ticket. He looked up at us, and it looked like he was taking a photo of us and walked away. A few days letter I received a PCN in the post to pay £60. I sent in an appeal and their response was ‘we understand you had a blue badge displayed, however blue badges are not automatically accepted on private land, the driver should rely on the signage to advise.’ Now I must admit that this was the 1st time hearing of this. I assumed as long as you are displaying your valid badge and not causing a hazard then you are able to park. Also the signage says nothing about disabled or blue badge parking. There are no actual disabled bays and around. And how are we meant to know if it is automatically accepted or not. Once I received that rejected letter I sent my details to a company called xxxxx. For £18 they fight your parking ticket, at any stage. I had used them once and they worked. I sent them all my information and they responded by sending me; ‘Dear Customer, This has now been appealed to the Independent Appeal Service (The “IAS” which covers IPC companies or “POPLA” which covers BPA companies) It is important that the information in this email is read to ensure you are aware of what happens with your case going forward 1. If the case is won that is the end of the of matter, and the file is closed. However xxxxx 2. If the case is lost you can ignore any reminders, or debt collection letters, you don’t need to inform us of them and NO action is need. You do not need to pay this. If you have received a reminder and not hear back from us it means the case has been lost. 3. Unfortunately on occasions the two bodies are pretty rubbish are communicating results to us, so if you got a reminder or letter from the debt collection agency this would unfortunately mean the case had been lost. 4. Please be aware there are no timescales to these appeals. 5. You will not be paying a penny to the parking firm! 6. If this claim is lost and you get a claim form from the county please let us know on receipt. We will provide a defence statement at NO extra cost Key Facts About Debt Recovery: • They can't visit your home • Deadlines on letters can be ignored • Your credit file is not and cannot be affected by a debt recovery company • Do not engage the debt collector • We do not need to know about letters from Debt Recovery Plus – Zenith – CST LAW – TRACE Debt Recovery – ZZPS – UCS - CCS Collect – QDR – DCBL. The reason for this is because no action is required at this time. Important: Please note that if court proceedings start, we will defend your claim for free. If you get a claim then just let us know if one arrives and this will be dealt with at no extra cost] Regards XXxxx During this time I had received letters, emails and texts chasing the parking charge but as they said no action is needed until court proceedings I never done anything. Then on the 12th April I received a claim form from the county court business centre. I immediately sent it to xxxxxxvia their WhatsApp but it wasn’t going through. xxxxxx I went onto their website and it said that the company had closed but existing can be contacted though an email. I sent the a copy of my letter and this is what they responded back; ‘You can use this url download the file, put in your details, edit point 3 as you feel appropriate, convert to a pdf and email to [email protected] Xxx When I asked him if he shouldn’t be doing this on my behalf he said ‘As a company we have ceased trading so we are no longer able to submit this. There is little difference in you submitting this document’ ‘And as per our previous email we did advise if the case was lost we would provide a defence free of charge.’ I followed what he sent then I received an letter from Gladstone Solictiors about doing mediation. I contacted xxxx again and he emailed me back N180 He hasn’t been much help. I asked him if he could explain the process as I’m very anxious. I’ve never had to deal with anything like this. He just ignornes me. Just telling me to follow the directions given. On their website they claimed that they get parking fine cancelled at any stage, even at the bailiff stage and that they would deal with it all. A £60 ticket has now turned into £260 and I don’t know what to do. I don’t have any information of the pervious appeals of what they’ve done before it has got to this stage. useless defence.pdf
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