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  1. Yes after finding this forum, the advice from the major motoring organisations legal team was perhaps not as sharp as it could have been. The appeal Name(s) boxes were simply filled as "Keeper" When they came back with the letters it had Name & address and said "...you have confirmed you were the driver...."?? (I'll have to go just now, will get back on tomorrow, Thanks)
  2. Problem location = the private Nicol Street Car Park "KY1 1NY" 20th Feb 2021. Hi, On Feb 20th 2021 my father went to Kirkcaldy, Fife, and parked in the Nicol Street Car park, as he had done for years, pre-2020, but much less frequently in recent times. He thought everything was fine until PCN / NTK dated 01/03/2021 arrived in the post on either 4th or 5th March (Backtracking I had made a phone call on the afternoon of 5th to ask advice on what to do, but it may have come the day before??). The PCN had a headline demand for £100, he could not understan
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