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  1. Hi thought to post an update, even if only to help alleviate anyone else that receives this letter, Well I did ring a few times and got the answer machine, gave up... then on Tuesday out of the blue, they rang me back, asked how they could help, I explained I had no idea what this letter was and could I please get some clarity as my stress levels were through the roof, he asked if I would like him to conduct the interview there and then obviously I said yes please... He was lovely, asked me the usual security questions and then the reason for the interview -- Had I
  2. Hi there thank you , I did call a couple of times but always an answer machine. Left message but no return call. I know with current climate things change just so stressed wondering
  3. Last ESA assessment was about 3 years ago, actually was due about a year ago but with Covid etc, surely if it was re assessment I would have to fill in the dreaded form etc go through interview process as normal... I just don't know, I have tried to call the number on the letter merely to ask for some enlightenment but always goes to answer. Which dept at DWP would I call PIP etc Thanks for replying much appreciated
  4. Hi there, received a letter from DWP out the blue , I am actually awaiting word from a Mandatory Reconsideration for PIP, which I sent in with a letter from my OT nurse etc, then in pops this letter, I also claim support group ESA, so I am at a loss as to why or what this is. Can anyone help, I do realise in current climate everything is done by phone, but sending me this with a date and time for 2 weeks a way I think is quite cruel, and stressful, I so wish they'd just rang me up. I thought possibly they had a few more questions re my PIP Reconsiderati
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