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  1. Hi thought to post an update, even if only to help alleviate anyone else that receives this letter, Well I did ring a few times and got the answer machine, gave up... then on Tuesday out of the blue, they rang me back, asked how they could help, I explained I had no idea what this letter was and could I please get some clarity as my stress levels were through the roof, he asked if I would like him to conduct the interview there and then obviously I said yes please... He was lovely, asked me the usual security questions and then the reason for the interview -- Had I ever campaigned for an election, to which I replied yes in the last general election, I volunteered to hand out leaflets sat at a table outside my local community centre, 300 yards from my house... he said ok look someone reported that you can't be disabled if you can campaign, honestly he was so nice, I did ask when was this reported he said around 18 months ago, it's taken that long to get to me due to Covid, I said I know who and why this was done, I was given a Disabled parking space at the side of my house parking bay, this space was coverted by a bullying neighbour, she even tried to buy it from the council but was told no... at around the time the complaint was made, how nasty. this lovely man told me he was closing it down as a Malicious Call, and that if I wanted to volunteer again doing the same to just do it... I told him and you wonder why disabled people refuse to volunteer when this happens, he agreed. He did ask I do not approach the person I suspect, as I told him I have no intentions of doing so I am better than that, just knowing that as they see I still have my space is enough horrible woman that she is. I do hope this helps anyone with these letters, not all bad...now I can relax
  2. Hi there thank you , I did call a couple of times but always an answer machine. Left message but no return call. I know with current climate things change just so stressed wondering
  3. Last ESA assessment was about 3 years ago, actually was due about a year ago but with Covid etc, surely if it was re assessment I would have to fill in the dreaded form etc go through interview process as normal... I just don't know, I have tried to call the number on the letter merely to ask for some enlightenment but always goes to answer. Which dept at DWP would I call PIP etc Thanks for replying much appreciated
  4. Hi there, received a letter from DWP out the blue , I am actually awaiting word from a Mandatory Reconsideration for PIP, which I sent in with a letter from my OT nurse etc, then in pops this letter, I also claim support group ESA, so I am at a loss as to why or what this is. Can anyone help, I do realise in current climate everything is done by phone, but sending me this with a date and time for 2 weeks a way I think is quite cruel, and stressful, I so wish they'd just rang me up. I thought possibly they had a few more questions re my PIP Reconsideration, but on calling my local Advice shop they told me they didn't think that was the reason at all. Can any one please lay my mind at rest, please and thanks in advance .. . I just cannot function right now as I am imagining all sorts
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