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  1. To clarify I spoke to LG on the phone, after which they sent me confirmation by email, stating what they feel the fault is, as well as the cost for repair.
  2. It is the repair report provided by JL that states that the repair is not possible as the panel is not manufactured anymore. When I spoke to the manufacturer LG i sought clarity as to whether this was the case, but was told definitively that they do make these panels and can indeed repair them. I will obtain a second quote for repair from an independent repair shop, but should I also send a letter of claim as you suggested in the interim?
  3. There is only one report from the guy John Lewis sent round to inspect the television. I actually asked JL for a copy of this report, but after being put on hold for a while, was told that due to the nature of the report being limited and in this case having no repair outcome/price on there (due to the 3D panel required not being available any more), that I they were apparently unable to send me a copy of the report. I later contacted LG as I was getting no where with JL, who asked for pictures of the fault and determined it was a panel issue after looking at them, and emailed me t
  4. John Lewis have already told me that they cannot do anything or contribute to the repair via the manufaturer LG, as their guarantee explicitly states that 'screen burn' is not covered. To be fair to them, on the back of my receipt it does have a list of exclusions including "image ghosting or screen burn". The issue is that their repairer has incorrectly stated in his report that the fault is due to customer misuse/screen burn, and therefore it is not included in their guarantee and they cannot help. LG the manufacturer have sent me an email where they state "...based
  5. Thanks for your response. The TV cost £1999, and LG have said they can repair it for £200.
  6. Hello, I purchased an LG Oled E6 television in 2017, and over the last few months it has developed a green area across the central area of the screen covering maybe 70% of the screen, which is impossible to unsee. It means that all faces and pictures have a green look to them as you are viewing, and you can see some lesser examples of this by a simple google image search for 'green lg oled'. I had a 5 year warranty as standard with John Lewis, and so reported this to them, and in due course they sent out an engineer. The engineer took a few pictures and sai
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