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  1. Again thanks for the reply. I have today received notification that I will receive a stage 3 response from the Chief Executive, the points you kindly raise will be submitted and hopefully I will get a reply. As regards the managing agent the cost of the insulation has been identified as £40.00 and they state that it will be completed next week. Considering the affect it has had on my health and that they had agreed to invesigate the noise from the water pump in the New Year of 2020 but failed to do so, I find it really unacceptable. They basically stated that as it only caused me annoyance they would take no action and also refused mediation.
  2. Thanks again for the reply. I'm not sure if levels were taken, as stated two officers visited the flat and asked that a tap be turned on, by how much I don't know. What I do know is that I commented at the time that I had not heard it through the ceiling which I normally did and have done since. On the second point I submitted photographs of the area where it clearly shows that the insulation has been removed from my property wall (at joist level). The council had asked the managing agent for photographs to decide if any further insulation was required, also for an engineer to pump (their words), but then received an email from the managing agent stating they believed no insulation had been removed, so the photographic evidence was not provided.
  3. Hi stu007, Thank you for your reply, I am a long leaseholder in a flat that has the bedroom above the rest and have lived here since October 2011 and had no issues with the noise from the water pump until the communal ceiling flooded and part of the insulation was removed. The council appear to dismiss the point you make and have shown little interest that I have been disturbed 118 times between 0200 and 0800 hrs. I've also made it clear to the council that during the warmer weather, when the roof windows are open, the sound of the traffic appears to mask the noise from the water pump and the disturbances are much less frequent. As you say when these are closed, during the winter, the noise is enhanced especially as it comes from under the floorboards. Given the disturbances it is certainly interfering with the enjoyment of my property and affecting my health, however, the council appear to dismiss these points.
  4. Hi, I'm seeking advice of what action can I take against the council who in my opinion have failed to investigate a noise complaint correctly, that was first raised with them in February 2020. The complaint is regarding a water pump sited in the communal ceiling approximately 2m from my bedroom, it sits on the same joist level and the noise is heard through the floorboards within my bedroom. It disturbed my sleep 118 times between 13th October 2020 and 11th April 2021 and the council concluded the noise had not been assessed as unreasonable as it is caused by a water pump to a neighbouring property and is working as required; and the level of type of noise was witnessed to be low. When they had eventually arranged witnessing of the noise, I am informed that a tap was turned on, the officers could hear a faint humming noise. This was assessed as not constituting to a statutory nuisance, however they did feel it could constitute an annoyance. I stated at the time that I had not heard the noise through the ceiling in the lounge (directly under the bedroom) and that usually it could be heard through the ceiling. I believe that the true level of noise had not been witnessed and therefore their assessment was wrong. I submitted my own recordings to the investigating officer and his initial response was that the noise from the water pump could not be heard on them, however, it is clearly evident and is not a faint humming noise. When they ended the investigation on 25th March they stated "Based on the noise witnessed to date we have been unable to witness a statutory nuisance; I acknowledge that noise from the water pump can be heard, but this is not an unreasonable activity nor is the level of noise associated with it. The water pump is essential as it needs to draw water for your apartment and your neighbour’s properties, and as such a level of noise is to be expected." They concluded "If you still do feel that it is very loud there is other options you can take by either soundproofing your wall or taking your own action under the Environmental Protection Act 1990." The water pump provides water for the top floor flat only and the officer was fully aware of this and that the noise emanates from under the floorboards and not through my wall. I am currently following the formal complaint process and have recently received their 2nd stage response from the Head of Service. I have further concerns that the correct legislative process was not followed and the lack of candor received to date from the 1st and 2nd stage responses. I would appreciate any advice of the next steps that I could take to finally resolve this issue that has plagued me for over 5 years now. Thank you.
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