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  1. I know I was in the wrong - I’m not denying that nor would I not apologise for it. It just made a lot of sense. I am more than painfully aware that I am in the wrong and it has been a stressful day worrying about it. it is most definitely not something I’d do again, please don’t think that that is the attitude I currently take or will take when replying to the letter. I was just acknowledging that I can see how my situation happens. I never excused it. And I also understand that they have to recoup lost fares.
  2. That makes a lot of sense, the barriers were up more often than not. Looks a bit like they’ve deliberately led people into the same kind of situation as I’m in.
  3. I think I might have dodged it a bit - ‘she said have you been doing it since July and I answered with ‘I can’t remember, I think since last year.’ Tried to keep that answer relatively vague.
  4. Sorry, I meant that she seemed to knew exactly where I had got on and how long I had been doing it for - I wasn’t even sure myself when I had started not paying full fares!
  5. Thanks for the reply - we shall wait and see! It’s all logged on a Southeastern Key Card - do you think that makes a difference?
  6. Great thanks! I have literally paid full fare from tonight onwards - put the fear of god in me walking back into the station! I kept looking over my shoulder expecting the BTP to jump out at me! I know what I’ll be seeing in my nightmares tonight...
  7. Thanks for your reply. I have to jump on two different trains and only bought tickets for the second leg. Whoever it was who pulled me aside said that I’m a ‘small fish’ compared to other people they catch but it still didn’t fill me with the greatest confidence!
  8. I’ve been a bit stupid - same as most people, my wages have been cut and I have only been part paying my fare since July 2020. Today, I get pulled over by BTP (I think, they had a shiny badge at least’, asked where I got on, I lied, got asked again and was then honest from then on. I was left with a ‘caution’ and was told that she was referring the case to Southeastern and to await to hear from them. First of all, I’d like to do everything in my power to settle out of court for obvious reasons. Tips on wording my letter of response would be great. Also, does any
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