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  1. Hi the local authority is Telford and Wrekin, Their insurance company is Broadspire by Crawford & Company. The incident happened on the 3rd December at 18.30, I notified the council the next day about the sign and they gave me a reference number. They gave me the details of how to claim I had a letter from Broadspire on the 29th December to say they were investigating and could I provide photos of the damage and estimate for repairs. i struggled to get an estimate so this was sent in on 4th Feb with photographs of the damage, the sign and the post it was on. I only received their email yesterday. Copy of their email Good morning Andrew,
  2. Hi my car was hit by a permanent road sign that fell from its post on a main road it caused about £ 4000 of damage to my car. I notified the council at the time and submitted a claim to their insurance company. I have now received an email from the insurance company with a document showing that the council inspected the road the month before the incident. So as they had inspected the road they did not see any defect with the sign then they are not liable. I have taken pictures of the post the sign was on and it is badly corroded although i do not think this is why the sign fell. I have further examined the Councils inspection record as it has the inspection reports since the incident and they haven't even picked up that the sign post is missing. Their insurance company have said there is no appeal procedure is there anyone that can give me advice on where to go from here. I dont want to go through my insurance company and lose no claims. Thanks
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