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  1. Hey @BankFodder, Long time! I hope all has been well with you. I received an update on my claim, a letter titled "Notice of Transfer of Proceedings". The letter informs me of the next stage of my case - it will be transferred to the County Court Hearing Centre. It states that "on receipt, the file will be referred to a procedural judge who will allocate the claim to track and give case management directions". The details of the judge's directions will be sent to me in a notice of allocation. I hope you can provide some insight on this @BankFodder. What would the appropriate plan of action be? Gather all relevant evidence and start building a defense? I would appreciate your wisdom and knowledge. Wishing you all the best.
  2. Hi @BankFodder, Apologies for the delayed response. I hope all has been well. I had my mediation with Parcel2Go yesterday and went back and forth with them. Long story short, I asserted I have rights as a consumer to have my parcel delivered with reasonable care and skill as stated in s49 of the Consumers Right Act 2015. I should not have to pay extra for insurance due to negligence conducted by your own employees. Hermes mentioned the usual rubbish as the mediator went through the process of how I did not choose to opt for insurance - mentioning how I dismissed several prompts to do so. Throughout the mediation, I demanded the full amount and was not willing to settle for less. They were not budging. By the end of mediation, Parcel2Go's final offer was 25% of the total value of my parcel, postage and court costs. What a joke. The mediator said Parcel2Go are willing to go to court as they believe they have "ample evidence" to win the case. I said the feelings mutual, rejected the offer, and the case will now proceed further. I am awaiting instructions from the court and will be gathering all my evidence in preparation. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Hey @BankFodder, I hope all has been well. Just wanted to provide you with an update. I received the DQ form and filled it all out. I agreed for the case to be referred to the Small Claims Mediation Service and that it is "the appropriate track for this case". However, I am quite confused. One of the documents I received was titled "Notice of Proposed Allocation to the Small Claims Track" and the other one was "Notice of Defence that Amount Claimed Has Been Paid". I am assuming the "Notice of Defence that Amount Claimed Has Been Paid" letter is referring to the £20.00 compensation Parcel2Go offered. Should I just return the DQ form and ignore the other one? Would appreciate any clarification. All the best.
  4. Hi @BankFodder, I hope all has been well these past few weeks. I have received Parcel2Go's defence and attached it. Please advise for the next steps. Many thanks. dardxn Defence.pdf
  5. Hey @BankFodder. I hope all's well. Wanted to update you on my claim. I received an acknowledgement of service for my claim from Parcel2Go. I have attached the PDF file. Parcel2Go - Acknowledgment of Service.pdf I am assuming the next step is to just wait and see what their stance is on the matter? Many thanks.
  6. Hi @BankFodder, I hope all has been well. It has been two weeks since I sent my rejection letter. I have now submitted my claims via Money Claims Online (MCOL). Just wanted to give you a heads up. All the best. Ta!
  7. Thanks for the prompt response @BankFodder. Really appreciate it. I assume the particulars of claim you amended for me is good enough. See below.
  8. @BankFodder Happy Friday mate! I received a response from Parcel2Go regarding my letter before action. See below. Should I start my claim via https://www.moneyclaim.gov.uk/web/mcol/welcome? Thank you.
  9. @BankFodder Sent off my letter before claim to their claims department. Now it's time to start my claim via https://www.moneyclaim.gov.uk/web/mcol/welcome. Just wanted to get your input on my particulars of claim below and whether or not it requires any amendment. Thanks again!
  10. Sure thing, I have rejected the offer. Just can't seem to bloody find an email address to send my letter to!
  11. @BankFodder Done. Any better? Btw, does it really matter if I go after Parcel2Go or Hermes in this instance?
  12. @BankFodder Hey BankFodder! No worries at all. I can understand that you have your hands full. Well it's not the approval I am seeking as they're only trying to compensate me £20. I posted my letter of claim in my earlier post. I am writing a rejection email now and will attach the letter of claim below as a PDF.
  13. @BankFodder Sorry, I know you must be busy dealing with other matters, just wanted to bump the thread in case you have forgotten about it. No rush.
  14. Hi BankFodder, Appreciate the prompt response. My bad for excluding those details. Yes you are correct, the value and content were properly declared. I have provided a bullet point chronology to explain my situation in a clear and concise manner. 09/04/21: Listed a PS5 on Shpock. 09/04/21: Sold PS5 on Shpock for a total of £600 + £10 delivery fee. 10/04/21: Booked delivery of PS5 via Parcel2Go using Hermes ParcelShop services. 10/04/21: Tracking on Hermes states "We've got it". Collected from drop off point and it's on its way (to the depot I am assuming). No update since. 15/04/21: Raised an enquiry with Hermes as buyer reported that item was not delivered. 17/04/21: Received a response from Hermes that enquiry is being looked into by Karen at my local depot. 20/04/21: Receive an update on enquiry that suggests that since the parcel was booked via Parcel2Go, I would have to go through them as they use Hermes network as an independent shipper. 20/04/21: Opened a claim with Parcel2Go. 23/04/21: Received an update on my claim. Parcel2Go stated: "We have conducted a full investigation with the courier to locate your parcel, unfortunately, in this instance, the search has proved unsuccessful." 23/04/21: Provided documents to complete claim. Awaiting outcome. I have posted the draft of my letter of claim and particulars of claim below. Cheers! Letter of claim Particulars of claim Just received an update on my claim. It's been approved. I am assuming to reject the offer and proceed with sending over my letter before claim? Many thanks.
  15. Yeah, I am prepared to go all the way with this. The only reason they do so is because the average consumer will just accept it and move on. I have prepared a draft for the letter before claim. However, should I complete the rest of the claim procedure with Parcel2Go first and reject the outcome by then sending a letter before claim? Many thanks!
  16. Hi all, On 10/04/2021, I sent out a parcel containing a PS5 with Hermes through Parcel2Go. Ever since, the only update I have ever received is that the parcel has been collected from the drop-off point and it's on its way. I messaged Hermes who then instructed me to make a claim through Parcel2Go. Shortly after, I received an update on my enquiry from Parcel2Go. By cover, they are referring to the £20 "parcel protection" that's included. The parcel is valued at £600, the price the buyer paid via Shpock. My question is... where I do go from here? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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