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  1. The other possibility is that i go for compensation due to the loss in value of the vehicle and do that through small claims, but not sure. I taught Science
  2. Sadly I have no paperwork related to the sale, I dont know why I didnt ask for a receipt but I didnt. I am a retired teacher! so definitely not a trader. I have a transcript of the advert from Auto Trader. I negotiated a reduced price with the seller.Auto Trader.pdf I had a private body works company inspect the car for previous accident damage. My intention is to use Money Claims Online, which I believe is a new service. Does it matter I dont live in Ireland?
  3. I also did not sign anything agreeing a trade sale, the document the RAC produced is a fabrication. There is also the matter of the incomplete service history, and the faults days after collection.
  4. can you explain 'single file multipage' please. I am having difficulty converting some files to PDF, Adobe says 'not supported file' I do have however the advert transcript provided by Auto Trader in PDF format. I can confirm that we were not given an invoice, the invoice the RAC have seems to be a fabrication and it is not signed by us. They also produced an HPI check, which again we were not given, supporting the fact that they were un aware of any damage, interestingly it is dated 7.4.21! I will attach this too. We were only aware the dealer was selling for a third party when we sent a letter rejecting the car.
  5. This the reply from RAC, we did not get a receipt, and had no idea about a trade sale. The sales invoice seems to have been created later to satisfy the RAC as there are no signatures on it, the HPI check shows it was carried out on 7.4.2021!
  6. wow, thank you so much for such a comprehensive reply, the vehicle has thrown up some engine management issues, warning lights etc which have been cleared with a code reader, likely to return though. I have been told that I could use 'Money Claims Online', what do you think? Its a new service I believe. I don't think there is such an opportunity for obfuscation and costs are limited to 4.5% of the value of the claim, I think!
  7. Yes no indication that it was a private sale until we asked for our money back under right to reject. With regards to repairs, the only outstanding defects seem to be slight misalignment of ns wing, overspray on components inside engine compartment, but we were able to find out some of the parts replaced from Toyota, such as ns wing, bonnet, front bumper, front grill, A/C radiator, inner flitch plate which is poorly finished and front bumper support. That doesn’t count as Immaculate to me.
  8. Not sure what evidence there could be , it was advertised on Autotrader, and we bought it! We are not trades people and are retired.
  9. Hi dx100uk, thanks for your reply, The garage is Hills Prestige of Lymington, https://www.hillsprestigecars.co.uk/ vehicle purchased 11.12.20, paid by Debit card, car rejected, letter sent 6.1.2021, vehicle is a 2013 Toyota Landcruiser. Battery issue 12.12.20, the garage paid for new batteries, coolant loss a few days later which I fixed. This is when I noticed there was accident damage which had been repaired, I have had an independent inspection confirming accident damage. We also didn't realise at the time of purchase that the garage was selling the car on behalf of someone else. The service history was 8 months out of date, but was advertised as it being full and comprehensive and well cared for. and the car immaculate.
  10. Hi, we bought a car for £26k, the following day the batteries failed, sorted by garage, then noticed a coolant leak, sorted by me, discovered the car had been in significant accident, service history was incomplete. The car was advertised as being immaculate and being well cared for and having a comprehensive service history. We rejected the car under CPA 2015, garage did not comply. Then we tried an ADR (RAC) who were useless, claiming the car was a trade sale! we are not a trader, did not sign anything agreeing to a trade sale. So have now been advised by CAB that we could use Money Claims Online. Do you think we have a good case?
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