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  1. So Hermes 'lost' another one of my parcels worth £179.99 and i've managed to once again, get a full refund from Packlink without having write a letter to Hermes. It took a few weeks but got there in the end. You just have to keep pestering them. They ignored me for 2 weeks but I wasn't going to give in.
  2. Good morning, It was literally a quick email to say I refuse to accept the standard £25 compensation and that I wished to take the matter further. I had to chase them a couple of times but it got there in the end. They've lost another parcel of mine worth £179 so I'm going through it again. Twice in the space of a few weeks. I no longer use Hermes. Hope you get it sorted.
  3. Good morning, I've been following here for a couple of weeks now as Hermes lost my parcel and was fully expecting to have to make an official claim however, I've woken up to some brilliant news and thought I'd post here to give you guys some hope should you need to make a claim in the future. 30/03/2021 - I sent a parcel (phone to the value of £395). It was collected 31/03/2021 and there were no further updates after that. 12/04/2021 - A couple of weeks went by so I raised a claim on Packlink's website. 19/04/2021 - Packlink replied back with the usual "You didn't purchased 'Enhanced Compensation" and refunded £25 plus shipping. I refused to accept this and threatened court (i was fully prepared to go the full distance). I didn't receive any response so i've emailed them a couple more times to chase it up. 06/05/2021 - Packlink agreed to refund in full. I should receive the payout in a few days. Very happy this morning! I was just about to send the letter of claim to Hermes too. Fair play to Packlink.
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