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  1. Hi! So the company I booked the move with is AnyVan but they outsourced to another removal company. I have no contact details for them. The missing items are only 2 shelves from the bookcase and only the clothes rail from the wardrobe. Difficult to put a price on them. So the bookcase is completely unusable without the shelves, so I would say £20 and for the wardrobe I bought a new rail and a saw to cut it in size so another £15. Like I said, it's not about the value of the of the items, it's the way they have treated us and their refusal to compensate even though we ha
  2. Hi all. We recently moved to a new house using a removal company A*****. We paid for everything to be packed, all furniture disassembled and loaded on their track and then for everything to be unloaded at the new house and the furniture to be re-assembled. We also bought ''Comprehensive Insurance Cover'', thinking it would cover any damage or loss. We paid over 2k for this job. Unfortunately the shelves from our bookcase and the clothes rail from our wardrobe are nowhere to be found. We contacted A***** who checked with the guys who did our removal and they claim these
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