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  1. Hi, team, Thanks a lot for your prompt reply! I don't know how to reply to your message, should I quote then reply? or just reply to this topic? I have attached the screenshot of the emails conversation, it got deleted because they're so small so I attached it again, hope you can take a look at it. They say the luggage is in the prohibited list, I've attached the screenshot of the list for your review. I didn't buy insurance either. They say if the lost item is in the prohibited list, they don't give me compensation, but I can't accept it. However, I've seen the Parcelhero Compensation Exclusion Items (screenshot attached), the luggage is not in that list. So we can consider the luggage maybe in the prohibited list, but it is definitely not in the compensation exclusion items list. It would be great if they can compensate me £300, at least I recover some loss. Can you please tell me what to do next? Thanks very much!
  2. Hi everyone! Thanks for providing any supports in advance! I booked the delivery service by Parcelhero on 23/03/2021, Dpd picked up my luggage on 24/03/2021. Then it has no tracking history and no tracking updates at all. On 28/03/2021, Thursday, I first contacted the Parcelhero tell them the parcel has no tracking, then I got an automatically reply on 29/03/2121. On 31/03/2021, which is the scheduled delivery date, I contacted the Parcelhero again. On 01/04/2021, Thursday, 4:25pm, the customer service replied asked me to provide the description of the missing luggage and told me the investigation will take up to 15 working days. On 03/04/2021, Saturday, 7:17am, I contacted the Parcelhero again to ask the updates. On same day 10:49am, they answered the luggage is missing and they can't find it. It means the investigation only took one day, is that real? However, they told me the luggage is in the prohibited list, and they're unable to make a claim for me, they give me £15 credits for next shipping with Parcelhero, it is ridiculous, because I have all my things in that luggage, it has all my important documents include my degree certificate, my Police Registration Certificate, my personal ID, my notebooks of my projects, and all my clothes and personal item. I ship the luggage from UK to Spain, so I have to declare it, I declared £300, but my stuff is way more expensive than that, even my luggage worth £150, and I only used it twice! I have asked the live customer service agent before I book the service, I asked if I can send luggage with Dpd, the live agent said yes!!! but I didn't take a screenshot of the conversation !!! However, on 13/04/2021, the receiver contacted the Dpd directly, Dpd confirmed the receiver that they haven't finished the investigation. On 13/04/2021, I emailed Parcelhero tell them the Dpd is still doing an investigation, but the interesting thing is that the Pacelhero insist confirmed me again and again the luggage is missing and ask me to see the email they sent me on 03/04/2021 10:49am. Well, on 20/04/2021, I called Dpd again, they told me they finished the investigation, and they can't locate my luggage. I‘ve attached all the conversation screenshots for your review, the sender is Xiao, and the Receiver is Antonio, pls see the screenshot from bottom to top, thanks! Because there's no tracking history and no tracking updates since the driver picked the luggage up, I doubt the luggage got stolen, but I don't know. Parcelhero says the luggage is prohibited item, but what will they do with my luggage, why they didn't return it to me? Even the luggage is prohibited item, but the stuff inside are not, how can they refused to refund me and compensate me? Please, I'm very desperate, they lost my luggage, I lost everything! I really need my luggage, or I really need the compensation. I appreciate any help you can provide! Thanks!
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