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  1. Hi, team, Thanks a lot for your prompt reply! I don't know how to reply to your message, should I quote then reply? or just reply to this topic? I have attached the screenshot of the emails conversation, it got deleted because they're so small so I attached it again, hope you can take a look at it. They say the luggage is in the prohibited list, I've attached the screenshot of the list for your review. I didn't buy insurance either. They say if the lost item is in the prohibited list, they don't give me compensation, but I can't accept it. However, I've seen the Parcelhe
  2. Hi everyone! Thanks for providing any supports in advance! I booked the delivery service by Parcelhero on 23/03/2021, Dpd picked up my luggage on 24/03/2021. Then it has no tracking history and no tracking updates at all. On 28/03/2021, Thursday, I first contacted the Parcelhero tell them the parcel has no tracking, then I got an automatically reply on 29/03/2121. On 31/03/2021, which is the scheduled delivery date, I contacted the Parcelhero again. On 01/04/2021, Thursday, 4:25pm, the customer service replied asked me to provide the description of the missin
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