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  1. Yep, you're right. Funny how it's the most simple things we miss when looking to our own advice - I would have told a friend to do exactly that! yet here I am, having to be told... Funny ol' world Thanks again London, it's quite the list but I can certainly get through them all before the week is out, then at least I'm more informed. What's the worse they could say right? change is afoot either way (they don't need to know that yet though) but asking questions shouldn't show my hand.
  2. Agree, I am absolutely employable even if not in my trade of choice - thanks for the encouragement. Interesting, appreciate you elaborating a little there. Ultimately, as mentioned above, provided no one can and force a sale of my house, then I'm game for anything, paying it off preferred although defaulting and not paying another penny also sounds attractive naturally. Given how fraudulent the industry is I do not have a moral issue with not paying the debt and I can afford 6 years bad credit. 1 - Parachute account, DONE 2 - Update employer pay details
  3. Thank you London for your insight. I guess most people when in this situation wish to pay nothing.. I certainly am near that point as its either 6 years of repaying debt, or 6 years bad credit. Of course the morally correct would be to repay and I've no one else to blame but myself. Having read many stories across the web, I guess I'd like to enter into token payments, rebutting reviews where possible with a view to pay off once they start talking about F&F settlements, however I wasn't sure on the journey to get there given the amount owed and my equity in my home.
  4. If I had the spare cash, I might have bet dx wouldn't be long before replying thank you, straight to the point as always! I've spent many hours reading on this site. Yours and others previous replies have absolutely answered what I need to do next, the content on here is like no other site. I guess for my own experience/therapy and to maybe help other's in the future like me; I would create my own thread and as we've both mentioned, the age and size of my debts differs from most other postings. A few questions I haven't found answers to quite yet: - as my debts a
  5. Good morning CAG team, Firstly, want to start by saying what a fantastic resource and collection of knowledgeable people you guys have created here. You guys helped me around 2008 to reclaim my bank charges and since then I have been on top of my finances. I had debt issues as a youngster (now 40) due to lenders pretty much throwing money at people back then without any concern as to whether it could be repaid, I managed to get myself out of that debt by repaying it and have since maintained a fantastic (900+) credit score. As much as having the great credit
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