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  1. You're welcome, No no, you're spot on, let's deal with the urgent one. EDIT: removed my advice because dx and Andy got here I wouldn't pay without seeing enforceable paperwork though by way of a CCA to Link.. Good luck
  2. Hello and welcome to CAG, Was the letter you received from Kearns a letter of claim? it sounds like it but please confirm. If it was then the process would have been to click this --> letter of claim, and follow post 2 There would be no harm in doing the above again as you haven't acknowledged the debt and need to see adequate proof before proceeding.. Note the words in their reply letter "we anticipate..." not "we will" You state a 'number of cc's' - list them out please as per most of the threads you said you've lurked in: date you opened them date they defaulted when you last paid More knowledgeable people will be along in time also to guide you further based on the above answers you give BT
  3. Glad you slept better! that's a good sign as you are taking control. 1 - yep, letter only comms 2 - All EXCEPT a letter of claim, but return to CAG if you're ever unsure about a letter 3 - yes definitely will help 4a - If you get a letter of claim <-- click and follow post 2 4b - Guidance here suggests starting pro rata payments as soon as the account defaults Lastly, spend a few evenings reading up threads on CAG so you get even more comfortable with what's to come
  4. Hello Pelf, Yes, you do need to reply to this. If you live in Scotland then this debt will be statute barred and we have some other options - do you? otherwise If you live in England & Wales then, click this: letter of claim Follow post 2 BT
  5. Welcome to CAG, another great first post! Yes, list all debts as there could be something else worthwhile depending on what info you provide us. I agree you're definitely on the right track, a couple of notes to add to your already decent understanding though: Once defaulted start pro rata payments at £1 PCM Only once a debt is sold should you CCA BT
  6. Hello Westgate and welcome to CAG, excellent job getting that filled in as your first post! your friend deserves a handshake Assistance will be along very soon, I'll be watching and rooting for you BT
  7. Hello 2Tiko! Alot of what you said is very good news!! (the age of the debt, that you are paying £1PCM etc etc) - very good indeed Advise them of your new address by post ASAP! this has to be done urgently to prevent backdoor CCJ's So have you already sent them a CCA and posted their response on CAG for review/comments? if not, please do this but only after you've changed your address Should they not comply with the CCA request in full, then you can stop paying them BT
  8. You'll know by my previous posts that I have no morals when it comes to financial institutions. The reality is that if you follow the advice provided which is to default them, then pro rata them all to £1PCM, the OC's would eventually sell the debts and the DCA's who purchase them will 9 times out of 10 be unable to provide enforceable paperwork, then 6 years later... poof! all gone.. could be 7 or 8 years away from having the slate wiped clean, regardless of how much debt you have or whether they are 'maxed' or not.. Re-read our posts in your thread, we've answered your theoretical questions already, I know oldrouge and I did for sure.
  9. No SB, just no.. I'm not sure you ever made that large brew and spent a night reading, if not then make tonight the night, read up on threads here until you fall asleep on your keyboard. There are many reasons why what you just said highlights a lack of fundamental understanding. Posts #2 and #11 remain the only thing you need to do right now, use the rest of your time to learn and stop going inwards, you don't have the knowledge yet to make informed decisions by thinking too much We will still be here when you need more guidance
  10. Hello romania, welcome to CAG. You did the right thing slamming the door! Tell us the full details of this account: when you took it out who owns the debt (the letter likely states this) amount owed access and check your credit file for entries for this account We will go from there. BT
  11. I didn’t do anything other than challenge your less than productive first post in 2 months so you can leave me out this, pretty sure I was the first to ask the questions that Stu just did so as far as I’m concerned I was spot on getting this thread back on track ill leave your threads alone gladly, but I’ll certainly return to challenge you should you start spouting nonsense again peace
  12. It's great you have heeded the advice and carried out the inspections. Please consider donating to the site, see my signature below.
  13. This definitely looks like they know it's unenforceable! also many of those pages uploaded are either totally unsigned or you have the best redacting skills I've seen So such a large discount within days of you showing you are likely to start challenging it, is a standard practice in the hopes you will see a bargain and rather pay to 'save yourself the hassle' than defend. It is also likely that even with 80% discount, they would make a profit on their purchase. I personally would stop paying and wait, as dx says, for if they send a letter of claim. At which point you request even more documents they won't have BT
  14. Agree with uncle. also you mention her tenure being quite long, it is important that companies follow due process and support employees before dismissal otherwise it can be very costly, I suspect this is the perceived delay you are seeing and perhaps the employee wishes to be ill health retired. Given what you’ve said it shouldn’t be too much longer before something happens
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