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  1. Thank you once again BankFodder, I like the idea of an independent inspection as I guess there’s a risk of other issues arising here, not least anything raised by the specialist who services it. The dealer is Marshall Audi in Sydenham, London. qq - do I first reject the car as per your first post to lock these issues in within the first 30 days, or is the course of actions in your second post sufficient? Meantime I will also push the garages I have spoken to for written quotes as all were over the phone. Old habits die hard!
  2. Thank you so much for the detailed and incredibly prompt reply I really appreciate it. I shall go with the second suggestion and keep this thread updated on how it goes
  3. Hi All just looking for some advice. I bought a used Porsche Boxster from one of Marshall motor group’s Audi dealers (can I name them?) recently and was assured that it received a major service in October 2020 in line with the manufacturers requirements. The service book confirms this. The dealer also told me on the phone that they have a 6 month rule with any mot or service being done if due within this period which assured me when making an offer over the phone on the car that it wouldn’t need anything doing for a while as I recall saying that. However, digging throug
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