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  1. Hi mate, cheers for the quick response. If i do this is there not the risk that in a years time they send third party debt collectors for the annual fee claiming that I have not paid (which could affect my credit rating if unresolved?)
  2. Hi all, Apologies if this sounds drastic, but i'm a major stress head and it's setting off my anxiety in all honesty so I just want to double check with all that i'm in a secure position. Upon gyms reopening, I signed up to David Lloyds on the 12th of April. I felt a bit pressured into but the sales representative I spoke to said that I can cancel my membership within the initial 2 weeks if I feel that the club isn't a good fit. So anyhow, as an idiot I agreed. Nevertheless, the next day I decided that perhaps it's not a good move for me financially and decided to cance
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