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  1. Hi mate, cheers for the quick response. If i do this is there not the risk that in a years time they send third party debt collectors for the annual fee claiming that I have not paid (which could affect my credit rating if unresolved?)
  2. Hi all, Apologies if this sounds drastic, but i'm a major stress head and it's setting off my anxiety in all honesty so I just want to double check with all that i'm in a secure position. Upon gyms reopening, I signed up to David Lloyds on the 12th of April. I felt a bit pressured into but the sales representative I spoke to said that I can cancel my membership within the initial 2 weeks if I feel that the club isn't a good fit. So anyhow, as an idiot I agreed. Nevertheless, the next day I decided that perhaps it's not a good move for me financially and decided to cancel. After ringing David Lloyds several times and being told they would get someone to call me back several times they never did. After calling in again and speaking to the actual woman who sold me the membership she said no worries they'll get it cancelled but only her senior member of staff could do so, and at that time she's not in so she would call back tomorrow. So at this point alarm bells start ringing and having seen a lot of the atrocities and bully tactics online, I decided to put it in writing both in an email and through their app referencing section 5f of their T&C's, and then forwarded on the email to their sales team aswell as their branch. I did get a generic receipt email for both the first email and forwarded email, but there is no tie to the email I sent myself implicating that it is in response to that (other than the fact the time stamps are at the same time). The next day, it's 6pm and I hadn't received a call. I called again and kicked up a fuss speaking to the same girl, to which she said look there isn't going to be an issue it'll be cancelled and she'll send it to me in writing. I got the email in writing from her (the email address was affiliated with David Lloyds and it did show her job title) saying that my membership is cancelled within the 14 day cancellation period which was a massive weight off my shoulders, but upon further inspection there was small print at the bottom saying that the opinions are solely of the individual and that David Lloyds accept no responsibility (not sure if thats generic or something that will bite me in the ass down the line). I hate to be a pessimist, but I am extremely cautious that upon the end of the month i'll be charged and they'll pretend to have never received nor cancelled my membership officially and the initial 14 days cancellation period will be over. Having had a look, my David Lloyds account is still active (to the point at which I can book classes) but i'm not sure if this is something that closes at the end of the month as it does say something to that effect in their terms and conditions. A link for the terms and conditions is found here: https://www.davidlloyd.co.uk/-/media/david-lloyd/files/uk-terms-and-conditions-october-2019-v2.pdf I was hoping you guys could give me your insight as to whether this is secure enough to provide myself protection as I cannot risk getting a damaged credit rating (I am a worrier as you can tell). I have provided all the necessary screenshots attached. H
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