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  1. In total agreement on that have shopped there for over 30 years and any issue resolved quickly and in favour of the customer now they could not care less and then wonder why customers are leaving in droves.
  2. Ok thanks for that seems very unfair that they are advertising something that is not available and that they have verbally assured me that they would stand by the offer. I have asked for transcripts to back this up
  3. It says offer is for purchases prior to 31/3/21 but they are still advertising it as shown
  4. I purchase an OPPO Find x2 Pro phone from John Lewis online. The website stated that the phone came with a pair of B&O h4 headphones worth £200 at no extra cost via redemption. When i tried to claim the headphones from the OPPO site it was rejected and I should contact John Lewis. I did and my case has been passed between departments with a few deadlines for a response which were not met. Until today i was assured that the offer would be honoured, however they are now saying it is my faulty as if i had read the terms and conditions I would have seen that t
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