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  1. I appealed based on that there was no proof I had prior warning. I actually got two fines (as I travelled back the same way) again I appealed as the photo showed the signage obscured by a tree) I have jet to receive a response made 3 weeks ago.
  2. Hi I have just received my first ever PCN from Islington Borough 52JM failing to comply with prohibition Highbury Hill. My home in Dalston is up for sale, yet had to relocate whilst we have been in lockdown restrictions, Prior to lockdown I travelled via Highbury hill, and was unaware of any planned traffic filters. There Is no advance signage warning of traffic flow change (nor alternative direction indicators) leading to the camera. Does anyone know when this change was implemented as I am highly confident this change was not showing on my Sat Nav system (waze). Also there is a young tree planted directly in front of one of the two signs, obscuring view of the change. As a diligent driver I would welcome any advice to how I could challenge this PCN. the journey was made 7/4. , Additionally There is a tree one side of the road that obstructs full view of one of the two signs. im a diligent driver who has never received a PCN, so would like any advice on best approach to contest this charge. I understand this system has been set up as a 18 month trial. Thanks in advance Darius
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