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  1. I just checked all the letters from last months. I found the Notice of Enforcement. I'm not sure how this could happen. Maybe my partner opened it and forgot. I don't know. I have received the Notice of Enforcement. Do I have to pay all their fees (£310) now?
  2. Just spoke to the council. They confirmed the debt has been paid. They said B&S just want to recover their fees from me. They said that if I haven't received any letter from B&S I must ring B&S. How can I prove I haven't received any letter from them?
  3. I will ring council now If they are still open. If not - on Monday. Today's letter attached. The letter doesn't say what goods they want to take but I have a car trailer outside my house. I think they want to take the car trailer. It's not my trailer. Friend just store it on my drive. He has a receipt for the trailer in his name. I understand that bailiff can't take the trailer if it's not mine. I am right? And the main question... Can they charge me £235 for today's visit if the debt doesn't exist any more? bristow.pdf
  4. Yes, I have an evidence of paying the council. I paid by debit card. I don't have any other council tax debts. Reference numbers match. Liability order date: 12/01/2021 I didn't get any notice of enforcement from busted and stupid. Today I have received the first letter from them. Debt paid in full: 24/02/2021
  5. Hi, I have a problem with Bristow & Sutor. I had some financial problems and I didn't pay my council tax bill on time. It looks like the council forwarded my account to Bristow & Sutor. Now my financial situation is better and I paid my council tax bill (the debt) in full about 2 months ago. Direct to the council (using www payment). So now I don't have any debt with council. Today, the bailiff came to my home (I wasn't at home) and he left me a letter. The letter says it's for a council tax debt. They want me to pay £310 (this includes Enforcement Stage Fee
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