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  1. Hey I received an email earlier off Companies House to say that they have accepted my challenge to halt the voluntary strike off of the Company for 6 months..! Goes to show that all your advice would have certainly paid off, how good are you!!! You certainly know your stuff, no doubt about it..
  2. You are lovely people..thanks for being here for us all.. I promise never to do anything like this again..!! x
  3. Oh yes certainly I will.. You have all been so kind.. Keep up your remarkable work, we need you xx
  4. That’s very kind and yes I will certainly recommend you to anyone!! if I can be of help to anyone I would be pleased to assist..I have learned the hard way but been lucky..I hope if anybody reads my story hopefully it will make people think and do their homework like I should have done..better to be safe Great forum..you saved me!!
  5. It’s a good car thankfully..it could have ended all so differently though so we are counting our blessings..we consider ourselves very lucky.. Again I thank everyone for your advice especially BankFodder, your knowledge and help was invaluable, you have made a huge difference.. I hope that I can stay now on this forum if you don’t mind..it’s a very interesting site and informative so I’m so glad I found you.. for now I wish everyone well and take care out there in consumer world! xx
  6. Hi everyone..just to let you know that miracles do happen.. Tim messaged this morning to say he will be bringing the car, did not believe it for a second, then a few hours later he delivered it!! So we have our car.. We have returned his 4 K so that is that..we cannot believe it, Tim was very apologetic Please I want to thank everyone for their invaluable advice, you have been so helpful, you will never know.. I will be ringing around tomorrow to tell all those I reported this too and s as Lao thank them. I know how lucky we have be
  7. Hey no you have no reason to apologise at all..none at all.. at the end of the day we should not have come away without our car! I think if we were mentally in a better place after my husband’s illness we would have acted very differently.. my husband had been bed bound for 6 months and it was so wonderful to see him smile on that day as it was the perfect car for him to transfer without too much effort and discomfort..Tim could see that and took advantage.. I need to try and appreciate your assistance and what will be will be..
  8. Hi all..I have not been online since Friday, I’m afraid reality has kicked in.. To date I have contacted West Midlands Police who were more human this time..they have said it is procedure for Action Fraud to investigate in the first instance anyway and this was procedure. My call has been logged!! They have advised to contact CAB/trading standards to inform them of the ‘company’s’ intention to go into administration.. I will contact Company House tomorrow just to update them that there may possibly be an investigation on the horizon by the Police involving t
  9. No your not impatient at all and I’m very grateful for your help.. west Mercia rang me today saying West Midlands police are wrong and it’s crime..so west Mercia have advised me to email W.Midlands to get it in writing that I want and expect them to take this seriously or I have a case to complain against them..I have already reported to Action Fraud and waiting off them now.. yes I do need a number then I can show Companies house and even then DVLA as you have suggested.. The number I was given the other day was from W.Mercia but as Stourbridge is not their area I
  10. No not yet!! I have to call West Midlands and get their email address so I can give them the facts and formally request that they make it an incident and act.. Our police gave us as number the other day so it should be logged but not with West Midlands. west Mercia have advised to email as it’s proof so if they don’t act I will be complaining about them so hopefully we will get somewhere, though I don’t know where!! our car is still untaxed do not being used..guess he could try and reregister it with different plates??
  11. When we bought the car Tim promised to send us an invoice..never came..all we received was acknowledgement of full payment of £11650 (I try to type it quickly then not look!!) with the registration number and saying it would have s as service and valet.. he sent the above through his iPhone iCloud and thanks, Tim..!! no mention of any company so Tim has had the money I’m guessing.. we bought the car after seeing his cars advertised on eBay, gumtree and motors and they are advertised as being sold by Auto-velocita..we thought he was genuine and with all his cars for sale
  12. Hi, just got back.. Tim livedin a lovely area called Sneads Green, well that was his last address by what we can find..that’s all we have to date..we found him in a Worcester news article on line from a couple of years ago, he was convicted of false documents after a traffic offence.. This place is not too far from Hagley Road where he has his office in Stourbridge, well where he does the viewings..he was in and out of there when we were with him..Apart from this we cannot find anything else on him, can’t find him on Facebook.. we never met him before that d
  13. I contacted companies house last week, unfortunately they said unless we have a receipt which shows the company name with Ltd then we can do nothing..we don’t, the receipt was off Tim personally I have an idea of where he lives as he is known to the Police, there was an arrival about him as he was up to no good and was charged..he has money and lives in a very expensive area.. let’s do it and try to go after him..he took the money, all communications with Tim.. yea let’s give it a go, it’s worth ago..what he has done is despicable.. im off to work now s
  14. Hi.. oh that’s very interesting.. yes I think this is the way to go anything to give him hassle is quite acceptable, as that’s what he has done to us.. the receipt of off Tim personally, no mention of the company do can we go after him..? thanks for helping us..
  15. Found a couple of reviews for ‘honest’ Tim () which is on his site for Henley in Arden though the reviews are a few years old now..shows a leopard does not change his spots..(hoping it comes up on here) There is no website for the cars he sells. Oh and still no car, surprise!! https://www.bigreddirectory.com/auto-velocita-henley-in-arden#left2
  16. Oh ok I will do, anything to give them the negative exposure that they deserve.. I will have to get my lad to do it tho, I’m not good on technology and stuff like that!! watch this space..appreciated as always
  17. No can we do that? If the Police won’t say it’s stolen what can DVLA do..? where ever the car is it’s still not taxed so not on the road.. Tim is a bad man with a black soul..to take money off a very vulnerable person is the lowest of the low..we all have to work for our money.. Thanks for changing the title, tho I’m guessing Tim is the son perhaps of John Garbett? Tim is also trading from Henley in Arden.. If I can sue and since the ‘company’ is asking to be struck off can i attempt to go after Tim as he is the one who stole our mone
  18. Hi.. we keep asking to pick it up but it’s always excuses.. he does not have a forecourt, he works from a address which is where he shows his cars to buyers. The address is on all the sites he advertises on..He says he cars are locked away somewhere else. Police say it’s civil as we had a contract even though we have proof we have paid in full for our car, he just will not let it go! and no refund..we have completed a report for Action Fraud.. We don’t have the log book as he did not give it us as, but the law does state that the V5 is not proof
  19. Oh sorry.. yes he had paid 4K into the account this was in his words to show he was being genuine and would require it back when he brought the car but to date he still has not delivered , no contact since..
  20. Tim was supposed to deliver the car last night so we waited.. Then out of the blue he txt last night to say he could not come because he was suffering a anxiety attack so in his words he chose to deposit 4K into our account as a gesture to show he was honest and not trying to rip us off he told my son earlier in the week that he may deposit a sum to our account with the above reason but would require it back when our car was delivered.. In his message last night he said he would deliver the car this morning but again it has not come.. he has a
  21. Yes we will try..will wait to see what the PCSC come back with? holding out no hope I don’t know why having a ‘contract’ should make any difference, fraud/deception is exactly what it is..surely money this way is a crime?? I may even do a complaint against the Police..
  22. Well.. I was transferred to West Midlands Police who say it’s civil as we made a contract, he has broken the contract and we will have to take him to court..I questioned why do they then have different laws to our local Police..they will not have it..Tim is based in their area and where we bought the car. I have been in contact with our area Police who we spoke to yesterday..have been advised that they will pass it onto the PCSC to do some checks.. really confused..now the Police have seemed to have back tracked.. Tim has txt my son saying he won
  23. I would be he’s not answering his phone..going to call the Police now..enough is enough..
  24. surely we can still go down the Police route as we have paid for the car in full? The 4K in his words is not a refund as a few days ago he told my son that he would send some money over to show he was not a con and that when he delivered the car we could deposit it back to him.. His last txt last night was that the 4 K was to show he was not defrauding, no mention of a refund from him and he was going to deliver the car this morning..the car is ours as he has taken the full amount and kept our car..so technically he has not refunded a penny?? the car is not coming I thi
  25. Just a thought.. the £4 K he sent last night was a ‘act of faith’ from his point of view to show us that he is not being fraudulent..!! So it’s not part of a refund..he told my son that he would deliver the car this morning when he sent that money over.. so very confused..if he brought the car he would have the £4 K back straight away.. has anyone ever seen a situation like this before..?
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