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  1. Thank you Slick. I haven’t supplied them with any bank details or signed a DD mandate. I’ll keep you posted!
  2. When I was added as a linked member I had to register my membership through the app to enable me to join. When signing up I’m sure there was a small button you had to click to agree to membership terms.
  3. Thanks Slick, I don’t remember signing anything last year, I may have agreed to membership terms when signing up on the app. I haven’t agreed to anything or spoken to them since the break up. So shall I just wait it out? thank you for the quick reply!
  4. thank you for the response! I've seen a few replies from Slick so if he could provide some advice that would be greatly appreciated. Some help drafting a letter would be amazing. Dx100uk - if I need to ignore I will, i definitely don;t want to use the gym. I'd just started to build my confidence up again and this email has really knocked me back again
  5. Yep - they took me off as a linked member and made me a stand alone member. I have looked into their membership terms and it does state they could do this but it seems really unfair that my ex-partner and DL can do this without my permission.
  6. Hello, I'm looking for some advice regarding my david lloyd membership, I was a linked member to my now ex-partner's member unfortunately over the last lockdown our relationship broke down and we've gone our separate ways. To put it mildly we're not on friendly terms, he goes to the gym with his close friends and it would be a pretty hostile environment to be around. He sent me a brief message just over a month ago to say that I was no longer a member and basically i'm not allowed to return once they'd re-opened. I'd left it at that and rejoined a new gym.
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