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  1. Thank you for the replies all. Yes March 2020, apologies for that error. I can take it or leave it with the membership, plenty of other spots around. If it means burning bridges to get what is owed, then so be it. However, also happy to pay for membership when I have used it. I have stated this in an e-mail to their management. Fair's fair, however their refusal to refund OR transfer over extra payments from one franchise to another is not. Particularly as they operate as one fitness group, with a centralised payment system, website, same brandin
  2. Good afternoon. I am a member of Anytime Fitness on a rolling-monthly contract. In March 2021, my home gym (Aldgate) sent an e-mail asking members to continue paying, freeze, or cancel their membership. If you didn't reply they would automatically keep taking payments. Me (being naive and stupid), didn't reply to their email. My £40 a month D/D payments continued. These would be reduced to 50% once gyms opened again. I paid 100% (£40) Apr, May, Jun, Jul, and 50% (£20) in Aug, Sep, Oct. I DID attend the gym July - October, so I am owed 3 'half-mon
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