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  1. Oh wow this has put my mind at ease so much I was so worried the police would track and hunt me down
  2. Bless you thank you so much . I don't think they really had a clue what was going on I just feel sick that they may think I was a shoplifter as I put the things in my bag rather than a basket ....it was a substantial amount of goods so surely they wouldn't think I'd be that thoughtless or blatant about it. I'm just petrified that the police will come knocking for a genuine misunderstanding
  3. Good evening I had got a fair few items and had popped them all into my bag for life (I didn't pick up a basket)whilst continuing to look around the store. I had to leave the store to get some cash so asked the security to kindly watch my bags whilst I did so and he agreed. On returning I continued to look around. I did receive a call from a family member who informed me my young child was having a seizure which is very distressing so I headed to the till where I paid for the item in my hand. I then left the shop in a rush as I had received another call to say my child was going downhill and an ambulance had been called. I quickly left the shop and was stopped by security. There was alot going on as I had my husband on the phone and the ambulance whilst my baby was crying etc. I didn't really hear what he was trying to say as I was in shock about my child, he asked me to go back in, I insisted he took the bag back and if he could keep it to one side and I would return to pay. As I'm sure you can understand this was a very distressing situation for myself having a young baby and a toddler who was having a severe seizure, so my head was all over the place and getting to the hospital was my number one priority as I'm sure you'll appreciate. I have now just had the opportunity to sit and breathe and felt the need to contact the store to explain my circumstances as I feel it may have been misconstrued and I didn't have the chance or means to explain at the time. I have tried calling the store directly multiple times but have been unable to get through. I completely understand that the security guard was doing his job but I am now filled with worry and anxiety that he thought I was shoplifting and cannot stop worrying that the police may come to my home. I am a mother of two and a new born baby, a military wife and a teacher in a local school and the last thing on my agenda would be to steal from any shop. I fully support Primark and am a regular loyal customer. I am now sick with worry regarding this misunderstanding and honest mistake on top of a poorly child in hospital He literally handed me the item I had paid for and then I rushed to my car in the shopping centres car park. They have none of my details but I'm extremely anxious the police will track my car to my home.
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