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  1. Yes its definitely in the account. Ill look into contacting the AA. Thank you.
  2. It was https://dorsetcardealers.co.uk/, 204 Barrack Road, Christchurch. They saw sense in the end or at least the co owner did.
  3. Went to buy a used car from a small dealer, I took a family member for help. The car had numerous obvious faults not listed in the description. It test drove ok so decided I to buy it regardless using a visa debit card fpr approx £2000). As soon as i started car after purchasing it blew lots of smoke and stalled outside the dealer multiple times. I asked for a refund because it wasn't fit for purpose, they complied, I have the receipt. The next day said family member left a fair review detailing the positive negatives of the transaction. Dealer took exception to the review became abusive and somehow cancelled the pending refund (didn't know this was possible). Current situation, no car and no refund. Police have been contacted. What's the best way to go about getting the money back? Legal action via small claims court or attempt a chargeback? Thanks for your help, its appreciated
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