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  1. Still waiting to hear back from TFL, I sent them my ID yesterday, so keeping my fingers crossed.
  2. Thanks all useful info and pleased to hear the clarification on the Statutory Declaration. When I spoke to TFL they did tell me they had a copy of the driving license and even quoted me part of it, the DOB, which didn't match mine. They told me their "process" would only allow them to act on instruction from the court. I've been on with Citizens Advice today and they've given me an urgent referral to the debt team, so hopefully that's another avenue that might get an answer.
  3. Thank you all, I really appreciate it. Without getting my hopes up, with the admin email route as a consumer group do you carry some influence? Also my solicitor did sign the Statutory declarations for me in case I did decide to use them. His advice, which made sense to me, though was how could I challenge a case that wasn't against me, I have no idea about the validity of the court judgement, it's just simply not against me and that as a Marston error they should be the ones to correct it.
  4. Thanks I appreciate the quick response. Are you talking about PE2 and 3? I took these to my solicitor on Friday and his advice was that I shouldn't complete them. The court have not made any judgement against me (because I have not committed an offence) but someone with a different name at a different address. So I have no status to go to the court. Marstons on their own seem to have made this spurious link.
  5. About 2 weeks ago from nowhere I received a notice of enforcement. I say I did but actually on closer examination it wasn't actually to me just someone with a very similar name, I didn't spot this when opening the mail. From the information, 3 years ago, someone incurred a congestion charge penalty (to be clear this wasn't me), I've managed to get a few bits of information out of TFL and Marstons and it seems that this was a car hired by someone - TFL have the driving license from the hire company of the hirer and it doesn't match me, but Marstons have dug around and linked my current address to this case through an address where I had a business premises 10 years ago. I have offered to share with Marstons my driving license to prove it doesn't match the person they are seeking. TFL won't take any action because they say it's with the court, but the legal advice I've had is that I have no business dealing with the court as it's only Marstons that have made the false link to my address, and it's not my case. I'm still concerned they may try it on anyway and show up, but don't know what other action to take. Any advice gratefully received to stop this going any further.
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