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  1. I know these things because I was very close to my father. She can’t have evidence that she was cohabiting and dependent because it’s not true. I just want to know why the onus is on us to defend and not on her to produce evidence really. This seems unjust. As well as expensive.
  2. Yes I am the executor and the estate has been settled. She has made a statement with a solicitor and wants mediation. But there is no basis for a claim as we have evidence that she wasn’t cohabiting, was living with another man as his ‘carer’ and was not dependent yet her solicitor still supports her claim against 1975 act. Seems unfair, will we be allowed to claim our costs back for example? we feel we are being dragged through litigation without any basis for it.
  3. A girlfriend, she claims to be a dependent and to have been living with him. Both false claims. She has large properties in Thailand and london which she put in her sons name after my fathers death.
  4. Being forced to incur legal costs by bogus estate claim. Is there no redress in the law for this? Why is someone who has no legal claim on an estate allowed to drag us through litigation? Can we sue for costs? Do we sue the claimant or her solicitors?
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