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  1. Thank you again @dx100uk, I will let me friend know and will of course come back when I hear what happens!
  2. Thank you @dx100uk, that is very welcome news. In the first instance should they call Homebase and state that they would like to reject the item on that basis, or, should they write? Are there any template letters for this? Thank you once again, I know that they will be very relieved that there is some recourse.
  3. Posting on behalf of a friend, I don't think they are in a great position - but thought best to check here for advice. Friend ordered a kitchen before Christmas 2020 in store at Homebase to be paid on finance (via Barclays). Kitchen delivered 29th Feb 2021 but not fully unpacked and inspected since it was to be installed at a later date Upon unpacking to install on the 2nd April they discovered that the very expensive NEFF hob (£2500) was severely damaged (though the packaging was not damaged in the slightest) 2nd April called Homebase and were informed to call back on Tues 6th when NEFF would be open (bank holiday) Tues 6th they called back and Homebase suggested it would be down to the discretion of NEFF if the hob would be replaced 9th April NEFF refusing to replace the hob stating that it should have been unpacked and any damage reported within 48hours of delivery Does my friend have any avenue to pursue this at all? Thank you for any advice.
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